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Banana Fruit Carving- Creative uses of Bananas – Food Styling and Food Art

Your child will nave no problem getting their fruit intake when you present them with these easy banana fruit carving creations!

I love bananas as much as the next guy.  But my main use of them is in my cereal in the morning to get my daily dose of potassium.

That is not the case with these creative people. These food artists turn a common fruit into a work of art with food by making carving techniques know as food art.

These banana food art creations puts a new spin on the popular fruit that we all love to snack on. Imagine the delight of seeing this banana fruit tree art at breakfast?

Banana carving scene: Bananas, kiwi fruit and oranges in a palm tree scene.

What is food art?

Food art is the process of preparing and presenting food in creative ways. It is a popular art form in many Asian countries and is enjoyed around the world.

Food has been combined with symbolism, politics and personal statement for centuries.

If you have a hard time getting your child to eat certain foods, get creative with food art and they will be chowing down in seconds!

Many common foods can be used for the process of food art.  Today, we will take a look at how bananas can become an art form.

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Banana Food art projects and banana carving.

Banana fruit carving projects

The soft flesh of bananas is the perfect choice for food carving and the firm yellow skins are a creative persons dream.

Here are a few of my favorite banana food art projects:

Banana ducks

The kids will love to eat these banana ducks. The skins are cut to make feet and the head has a slit in the end and a small chocolate chip to make them look like ducks.

Bananas sliced and sitting on banana skins shaped like ducks.

Banana dolphins

This easy fruit carving project could not be simpler to do.  Take a clear glass and fill it with some grapes to resemble water. make a slit on the end of two bananas and add a maraschino cherry. 

Banana dolphins

A magic marker will form the eyes. So easy and fun!

Banana snake

Strawberries and bananas combined with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips to make a snake.

How fun is this snake! Alternate sliced bananas and strawberries to make a whimsical snake. Mini marshmallows and chocolate chips make the eyes and a single slice of carrot makes the tongue.

Now that is one healthy breakfast that the kids will love to eat!

Banana carving: Banana rose, Banana snake, banana beach scene and banana dolphins in a collage with words Banana Food Art Projects.

Banana art carving in the shape of a rose

Banana carving: flesh carved into a rose.

Food carvers get out your paring knife. This creative takes a bit more skill.

The flesh of a banana is easy to care. This design shows a single rose flower with leaf petals.

Banana ship

Banana scooped out and filled with fruit to make a ship.

You won’t need to convince the kids to eat their fruit with this banana sculpture. Peel back one section of the banana skin and fasten it with a toothpick to make a ship’s mast.

Scoop out a bit of the banana and fill it with some fruit slices and you’ll have a fun ship. Use it as a teaching lesson about Christopher Columbus.

Banana still life art

This creative still life scene uses one overly ripe banana sitting in the midst of other hand painted banana halves. It’s colorful and bright.

Colorful banana still life made with bright paint colors.

See more of this artist’s use of food in still life scenes at Upsplash.

Banana fruit carving of a devil

This carved banana devil uses the whole banana for a fiendish look. The skin of the banana is peeled down to form a devil cape and legs.

Banana Devil carved into a banana sitting in a tin can.

Pinch the top of the banana to form horns and use a knife to carve a devilish expression. Instant spookiness!

Screaming face banana carving

The intricacy of the carving on this banana is amazing. The flesh of bananas is easily sculpted and carved so it’s easty to get great detail.

Banana carving of a scary face.

Photo source:  Wikimedia Commons. (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.)

Banana fruit carving ghosts

Imagine the squeals of delight when your child sees these banana ghosts and pumpkin oranges.  Just a few supplies and you can make them in a flash.

Banana ghost and pumpkin oranges on a red plate with words healthy Halloween snacks.

Get the banana ghost tutorial here.

Banana peel art doodles

This is a great example of banana peel art. It is not just the flesh of the banana that lends itself to food art. The skin is a canvas, too.

Doodles on a banana skin made with a sharpie.

Photo credit Wikimedia Commons

This fruit art creation looks as though this artist was bored at snack time. A magic marker turned this fruit into a banana skin art masterpiece!

Have you ever tried your hand at banana food art? Let us know in the comments how your creation turned out.

Pin these banana food carving creations for later

Would you like a reminder of these banana food art projects? Just pin this image to one of your food boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.

Three bananas carved into ships with words Banana Fruit Carving Projects

Be sure to watch our food art carving video on YouTube, as well.

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