Banana Food Art – Creative uses of Bananas – Food Styling and Carving

I love bananas as much as the next guy.  But my main use of them is in my cereal in the morning to get my daily dose of potassium.  That is not the case with these creative people.  Banana food art projects puts a new spin on the popular fruit.Banana Food art

Banana Food Art – Carving and Styling

The soft flesh of bananas is the perfect choice for food carving and the firm yellow skins are a creative persons dream.

Here are a few of my favorite banana food art projects:

Banana dolphins

This fun project could not be easier.  Take a clear glass and fill it with some grapes to resemble water. make a slit on the end of two bananas and add a maraschino cherry. 

A magic marker will form the eyes. So easy and fun!

Banana Devil

This banana devil uses the whole banana for a fiendish look. The skin of the banana is peeled down to form a devil cape and legs.

Pinch the top of the banana to form horns and use a knife to carve a devilish expression. Instant spookiness!

Banana carving for a face

The intricacy of the carving on this banana is amazing. The flesh of bananas is easily sculpted and carved so it’s an often used choice for food carving.  Photo source:  Wikimedia Commons. (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.)

Banana ghost and pumpkin orange

Imagine the squeals of delight when your child sees these banana ghosts and pumpkin oranges.  Just a few supplies and you can make them in a flash.

Get the tutorial here.



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