DIY Greenhouses – Recyle Old Material for Plants

There are all sorts of ways that you can recycle old household materials to make DIY Greenhouses.  Extend your growing season with one of these creative ideas.

These DIY greenhouses are all made using existing household items.

I’ve been trying to get my husband to build me a greenhouse in our back yard for years, but it seems that this is one project that just gets put on the back burner indefinitely.  I went searching on Google to see what I could find for DIY greenhouses which make use of recycled materials. 

These DIY Greenhouses Make Use of Recycled Materials

From mini terrarium styled green houses to full sized models, these are creative uses of materials on hand to help extend your planting seasons. Here are some of my favorite finds.

Raised garden bed design.

Raised garden beds are easy on the back, but have you ever thought of using them to make a do it yourself greenhouse?

Greenhouse made from a raised garden bed

This green house uses an existing raised garden bed and extends the sides up to add a mini greenhouse over it.  Source:  Mother Earth News

Re-use old Pallets

My local Craig’s List free section has pallets listed all the time. Add some glass and turn them into a useful garden greenhouse.

Pallet greenhouse

This nifty and inexpensive greenhouse has been made from two salvaged pallets. A great solution for raising plants if you live in a cold climate.  Source: The Micro Gardener


 Make your own little greenhouse for your potted plants! Just get a few large sized clear Tupperware containers with lids.

This is a good idea to start plants from seeds and to keep bugs away while the plants are just starting to grow.  Project Shared from Five Gallon Ideas.


Old Window Frames and recycled Bricks make a bigger model very nicely.  Source:  Patch of Earthgreen6

Cute use of empty plastic Parmesan cheese containers and plastic bakery trays from danishes to assemble tiny recycled greenhouses that are perfect for seedling-sized terracotta pots.  Source: Carolyn’s Homework.   
green5Empty plastic soda bottles can be used to cover planters to work as mini green houses.  Source: Greenhouse Farming

Diy green houseThis one uses old 4 x 4 posts and a recycled window. Source: Green Road

DIY greenhouseCut off Soda Bottle turned upside down for a single terra cotta plant keeps humidity high.  Source Garden Culture Magazine


My favorite!  This is a blown out light bulb repurposed as a mini terrarium. How clever!  Source: Deviant Art

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