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DIY Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas – Wheelbarrow Garden Planters

Transform your garden with these creative wheelbarrow planters ideas.

Are you looking to add a unique decorative touch to your garden? Do you have an old wheelbarrow that’s been gathering dust in your shed that  you would like to repurpose?

Well, look no further! I’ll be sharing a group of inspiring and whimsical wheelbarrow planter ideas that will give your outdoor space a decorative lift.

In this collection, there is a wheelbarrow planter to suit all tastes and gardening preferences. Whether you prefer a vintage-inspired look, a whimsical arrangement, or a modern look, you’ll find inspiration for your next gardening project. 

Three metal wheelbarrows filled with flowers and used as planters.

I have been looking for just the right old fashioned wheelbarrow for months. I want to add one as a focal piece in my perennial garden beds.

I am always on the lookout for new and unusual ideas for eco-friendly planters. Since wheelbarrows are an often used garden tool, recycling them into planters just makes sense.

Knowing that these creative garden projects have been recycled from common household items makes them very appealing to me. Recycling is a small step that we can all take to protect the environment at home.

Many of these planters have a cottage garden appeal and will fit into my garden beds in just the right way.

Why use a recycled wheelbarrow?

Not only are these wheelbarrow planters visually appealing, but they also offer quite a few practical benefits. They can be easily moved around, which will allow you to experiment with different garden layouts or to relocate your plants based on their sunlight requirements.

Additionally, wheelbarrow planters are useful for those with physical limitations. They can function as a small raised garden bed, making gardening more accessible for those with limited mobility.

These DIY wheelbarrow planter ideas are also useful for those who have small spaces in which to garden. 

Planting in a wheelbarrow is easy. The well of the wheelbarrow is deep so it will hold a multitude of plants and your garden hose is likely quite nearby for watering purposes.

The best plants for a wheelbarrow planter are those which can take the heat. Succulents, and annuals are good choices.

Decorate your yard with one of these wheelbarrow planter ideas

Get ready to add some character and charm to your garden with one of these wheelbarrow planters!

Yellow wooden wheelbarrow planter with geraniums and primroses.

This wooden wheelbarrow planter is painted a bright and cheery yellow color and has pots of geraniums and primroses sitting in it. This makes it easy to rearrange the flowers to suit your whim.

White metal wheelbarrow planter filled with yellow pansies.

This old white metal wheelbarrow planter makes a nice contrast to the yellow pansies that it holds.

When the cool weather is finished and the pansies have seen better days, the well of the wheel barrow is deep enough for even some vegetables to be planted in it.

Small blue wheelbarrow filled with daffodils, pansies and succulents.

Even a child’s toy can be turned into a wheelbarrow garden planter. This small wheelbarrow has been sprayed light blue and filled with pansies, succulents and pinecones for a whimsical and decorative look.

Gold wheelbarrow with wheel removed and aloe plant in center.

This project demonstrates that even wheelbarrows with no wheel can double up as a garden planter! Rocks and a large aloe plant complete the rustic look.

Old wooden wheelbarrow planter filled with colorful annual plants.

This is one of my favorite wheelbarrow garden planters. The old vintage wheelbarrow planter is filled to the brim with colorful annuals that will flower all summer long.

The bees and butterflies will love this one!

Blue wooden DIY wheelbarrows filled with colorful dahlias.

Are you handy with tools? Cut some old repurposed wood and make your own DIY wheelbarrow, paint it blue and fill it with colorful dahlias for a charming look.

Not this exact design, but a basic plan for building a wooden wheelbarrow can be found here.

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More Creative Wheelbarrow Garden Planters

Are you wondering what to do with an old wheelbarrow? It's time to transform your garden with a few more of these creative wheelbarrow planter ideas!

From vintage-inspired arrangements to whimsical designs, discover unique ways to repurpose old wheelbarrows into stunning planters.

There are even a few to purchase in case you aren't the crafty type!

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Blue wooden DIY wheelbarrow with words Wheelbarrow planter ideas.

Admin note: this post with a list of wheelbarrow planters first appeared on the blog in May of 2013. I have updated the post to add some new projects, and a video for you to enjoy.

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