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Garden Tool Storage Idea – Mailbox DIY – Check Out My Garden Tool Kit

This neat garden tool storage DIY project not only looks great in the garden, but is functional and weather-proof, too.

This means that you can have your tools handy, no matter the weather outside!

Are you wondering what to do with an old mailbox? For me, the best way to store garden tools is inside a repurposed mailbox. Recycling saves money and also helps to save the environment.

This fun garden DIY project was completed in a day and is the perfect place to store my garden tool kit. The interior is quite large and even holds an entire roll of jute that I use to tie up my tomato plants.

I have the garden tool storage post situated close to my raised garden beds. Any time I need a tool, it is very handy – no more trudging to the shed to get my pruners, or garden shears!

I used reclaimed wood for the entire project, so this DIY garden tool storage project cost me nothing to make, other than a bit of time. Keep reading to learn how to make a gardening tool kit storage project from your old mailbox.

Old mailbox for garden tool storage. in a pretty garden scene.

Do you have an old mailbox that has seen its better days? Don't throw it away. Repurpose it, along with some reclaimed wood into a fun and creative garden tool storage project. #recyle #repurpose #mailboxmakeover #gardentools 📫🌼🍃💌📫 Share on X

Supplies for the mailbox garden tool storage project

My husband and I recently did a makeover on my mailbox to add some curb appeal to the front of our house. This left us with a tired old mailbox in search of a new use.

My husband is also a hoarder of old wood and other items “he might use some time” so we had pieces of four by four timber and a post anchor ground spike on hand to use for the project too!

Supplies for the garden tool storage project: reclaimed wood 4 x 4, old mail box and post hol

Note: Power tools, electricity, and other items used for this project can be dangerous unless used properly and with adequate precautions, including safety protection. Please use extreme caution when using power tools and electricity. Always wear protective equipment, and learn to use your tools before you start any project.

To make the project, you’ll need these supplies: Print out the supply list here.

  • 2 pieces of 4 x 4 timber for the mail box posts, one 2 feet 7 inches long and one 3 feet 7 inches long (Note: Cut the longer one 6 feet long if you are not using a post anchor ground spike)
  • two pieces of wood to secure the mail box – 7 3/4 ” long, 5/1/2″  wide x 3/4″ thick (your measurements may vary depending on your mailbox)
  • 1 post anchor ground spike to hold the post in the garden (see note below the supply list for alternative way to insert the post in your garden)
  • old mailbox – ours was 8 inches wide, 1 foot 9 inches long and 10 1/2 inches tall
  • 2 bolts with nuts –  5/16 x 1 1/2 inches
  • white solid stain
  • Rust-Oleum green hammered paint
  • 4 construction screws – 2 1/2 inches long
  • 8 screws – 1 inch long
  • 4 construction screws – 3 inches long

You will also need these tools:

  • chop saw and/or skill saw
  • chisel
  • hammer
  • screw driver
  • paint brush
  • sledge hammer
  • spirit level

Note on the time lengths: Post anchor ground spikes are expensive to purchase new, if you don’t want to buy one, cut your longest piece of 4 x 4 timber to a 6 feet length instead of 3 feet 7 inches. This will allow you length to dig a hole and cement the longer pole in place in your garden.

Making the mailbox garden tool storage holder

Paint the old mail box with two coats of green hammered paint by Rust-Oleum and allow it to dry. Cut the wood pieces that will fit under the mailbox to fit and paint them with white solid stain.

While the paint is drying, use a chop saw (or circular) saw to cut your pieces of 4 by 4 timber. We made 45 degree angles on the both ends of the cross brace and the top of the post to shed water.

Measure the area under your mailbox and cut the wooden pieces to fit this area.

Green mailbox with pieces of wood inserted in the bottom opening ready for the garden tool storage project..

Creating the cross lap joint on the posts

To secure the post and brace together, you will need to make a cross lap joint

A cross lap joint is an interlocking joint made by cutting halfway through the two pieces of lumber. The resulting joint is the combined thickness of the two members. It sounds complicated but is actually not that difficult to do.

To make the joint, mark the timber for the area where you want the cut out to be. Set your saw to the depth of half the distance of the 4 x 4. Make perimeter cuts first and then make small cuts about 1/8 inch apart on the timber between outside cuts.

Man with saw making small cuts in a piece of 4 x 4 timber.

These pieces of wood are weak and easy to remove. Just use a hammer or screwdriver to apply pressure to them and they will bend and you can remove them.

Cut out in wood with pieces removed.

Use a chisel with the bevel facing upwards and push the chisel through the uneven material in a flat raising motion. Sight any high points to find areas where you need to chisel a bit more, until the cut-out area is smooth.

Man using a chisel to smooth a cut out area of a lap joint.

Repeat this procedure for the cross brace of the mailbox holder.

Paint the two pieces of timber with the finished lap joints using the white solid stain and allow to dry.

Two pieces of 4 x 4 timber painted white with lap joint.

When the paint is dry, join the cross brace to the upright post and secure it with the 3 inch construction screws at the joint area.

Attach the two pieces of wood that will hold the mailbox and secure them with the 2 1/2 inch construction screws.

Finished mailbox post with hands holding it.

Inserting the mailbox post

A post anchor ground spike is used to hold the post in the garden. Find the spot where you want your mailbox garden tool storage post to sit.

I placed mine near a patch of red hot pokers and red vols daylilies which have just finished flowering but are magnificent each year.

Insert a spare piece of 4 x 4 into the post spike and hammer it in place until it is flush with the ground.

Post holder spike being hammered in place.

We are almost done! Now it’s time to attach the mailbox to the post!

Insert the mailbox post and use the 2 nuts and bolts to tighten the spike around the mailbox post. Use your spirit level to make sure everything is even and adjust as necessary.

Mail box post, ready to hold the mailbox garden tool storage bin.

Place the mailbox on top of the two pieces of wood and attach the sides of the mailbox to the wood with the 1 inch screws. We used 4 screws on each side of the mailbox, (2 in each piece of wood.)

Ta da! Our garden tool storage mailbox project is finished and ready for the tools.

Garden tools stored in a mailbox.

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Green mailbox on a white post in a garden with words mailbox garden tool storage.

Do you have favorite tools that you just can’t live without?  Please leave your comments below and tell us why they are important to you.

Admin note: this post for making the mailbox garden tool storage holder first appeared on the blog in September of 2013. I have updated the post to add all new photos, a project card, a printable supplies list, and a video for you to enjoy.

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