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Watermelon Play Dough – Easy DIY project

You could not find an easier play dough to make. This neat project for watermelon play dough takes less than three minutes to make and the end result smells great.

To make it, you will need pink, green and black play dough.  You can use store bought, or make your own with my easy basic playdough recipe.

Don’t scent it if you make your own.  This recipe shows how to give it the watermelon smell.

DIY watermelon Kool aid. Smells divine and the kids will love it!

Make your Kids Some Watermelon Play Dough.

Take the pink and green playdough and mix half a package of watermelon Kool Aid with each color. (use the whole package for both). You don’t need to flavor the black. It will be used for the seeds.

You can find the watermelon Kool Aid at your grocery store and online. The flavor is new so you may not be able to find it locally.  It smells divine and your child will just loves the smell. (beware!

Keep it away from dogs, they will love it too, and if you make your own, it has a lot of salt, which can be harmful to the pups.

Mix the two colors together and you have a basic watermelon play dough that can be made into shapes of watermelon.  Just use tiny pieces of the black to roll into seeds and you are done. How easy is that?

Imagine the fun your kids will have making their own watermelons!

Watermelon, pineapple and strawberries made of out playdough.

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