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Watermelon Food Carving – So creative and Visual

In Thailand, watermelon food carving is considered a traditional and highly cultivated art.   There are different opinions as to when fruit and vegetable carving originated but the most popular theory  is that it started in Thailand in the 14th century.

Watermelon carving at its finest!

Watermelons are a favorite summer treat. There are lots of different varieties that could be using in watermelon carving. Check out the types of watermelons here.

Watermelon Food Carving – A long Established Thai Art.

Here are some ambitious projects of food carving using the watermelon. The red, white and green colors gives depth to the designs. Some of them are just wonderful.

 elaborate carved watermelon bowlElaborate carved watermelon bowl.  I love the way just the fruit has been carved. Source Chinese Food Week.

watermelon food carvingIntricate Flower design that shows more of the inner rind. -Source:  Cohen’s Caterers.

watermelon devilWatermelon Devil carving. This would be a great one for Halloween:  Source Anna Savenko via Flickr

watermelon swanWatermelon Swan.  This one can be completed in just a few minutes! Source: Pinterest.  

watermelon owlHoot Hoot!  Cute Watermelon Owl. Source: PInterest.

Watermelon carving of a flower

The top half of this watermelon is carved into a rounded flower shape that is just gorgeous!

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