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Water Spout Planter – Raindrops Keep Falling on my Plants!

I love to tinker with my planters to come up with interesting ways to display my plants, both indoor plants and those that I keep outdoors.  This water spout planter is my latest creation.

It’s unusual, whimsical and I just love the way it turned out.

Keep reading to learn how to make it.

This water spout planter uses crystal beads to add a water drop above the plants. So cute and easy to make!

When I was shopping in TJ Maxx recently, I found this unusual planter that had a water spout attached. I had never seen one quite like it and I grabbed it quickly and brought it home.

It’s been sitting in my den waiting for me to figure how how to best display it. Then the idea came to me – water spout = water drops. Perfect!!Water spout planter

Readers of my blog may know that I also sell vintage jewelry. I have a shop on Etsy that features mainly mid century jewelry.

Necklaces during that time often were made with glass and crystal beads, so I went searching through my supplies to see what I could come up with.

I found a pretty aurora borealis glass necklace with glass beads that could be formed into a stream of water coming from the spout. A quick trip to Michael’s gave me the last two beads that I needed to finish the for water drops

Note: Hot glue guns, and heated glue can burn. Please use extreme caution when using a hot glue gun. Learn to use your tool properly before you start any project.

This is how I made my water spout planter.Supplies for my water spout planter

I gathered these supplies:

  • 1 crystal necklace
  • 2 tear shaped beads made of crystal
  • 16 tiny glass spacer beads (two different sizes)
  • Planter with water spout
  • New Guinea Impatiens plant
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick

The first step was to plant my New Guinea impatiens.  Once I had it in the planter, it needed trimming, since it sat too high and I wanted the water drops to be very visible.  

I cut off the tallest stems and set them aside. Now the plant had just the right height and plenty of room for the water drops.Glass beads make a water drop line in this planter

The cuttings will get rooted and become new plants. Don’t you just love plants for free?New Guinea Impatiens cuttings

Now that I knew how much room I had to work with, I took apart my beads.  I love the way they capture the light and sparkle with different colors. They’ll be perfect for my water stream!Crystal beads

I started with the larger beads at the bottom and alternated different bead sizes with the tiny spacer beads to come up with the perfect water drops for my water spout planter.Finished water drops

A quick dab of hot glue inside the water spout attached the water drops. I also added hot glue to one of the medium sized beads and pushed it tightly up into the opening to hold the water drop line in place.Attaching water drops to planter

Tada!  A pretty water spout planter, complete with water drops.Planted New Guinea impatiens

This project was so quick and easy.  And now I have a pretty planter that can sit out on my deck for the summer and then come indoors to add some decorative flair next winter.  I think it turned out pretty well, don’t you?

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Tuesday 20th of June 2017

Thank you, Pat! I agree – the furniture blends in with the mulch, doesn’t it? That may have to be my next quick project

Linda at Mixed Kreations

Tuesday 23rd of May 2017

What a cute planter, and a fun way to display a plant! I love how you added the crystals to the water spout. It turned out so cute!


Tuesday 23rd of May 2017

Thanks Linda. It was a fun project to do. Carol

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