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Venice Canals Photo Gallery – Historic District in Los Angeles

This Venice Canals Photo Gallery page gives many photos of the historic canal district of Venice Beach in California.

We spent a day there, exploring the Venice Beach Canals and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Scenic View of the Venice Canals

I took so many photos and not all of them made it to the main post on the attraction. These photos will give you more of an idea of the beauty and grandeur of the spot.

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Venice Canals Photo Gallery.

Grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy this virtual online tour of the Historic Venice Canals District.

Venice Beach Photo Gallery - Canal on Venice Beach Historic District

The Venice Beach canals are long with large homes and lush gardens all along the walkways.  It is the perfect place to spend an afternoon strolling and enjoying the view.

Rock wall with potted plants and flowers

The owners of the properties take great care of their gardens.  Walls of all types offer privacy to the owners and a place to admire for the visitors to the area. 

This rustic rock wall seems almost out of an English cottage garden.

Venice Beach bridge walk over

Each of the canals has a bridge of some sort that allows pedestrians to move from one side of the canal to the other.  The bridges, themselves, are very picturesque!

Beginning of the Venice Beach Canal district

The homes surrounding the entrances to the Venice Beach canals are also magnificent. This ornate home was one of my husband’s favorites!

Magnificent succulent garden wall

This wonderful succulent garden wall was just one of the many impressive garden areas. The lack of water in LA means that succulents are something quite commonplace in home gardens there.

View of the Venice Beach canals

The homes along the canals are of all types of architecture. Most are quite large, but there are some original smaller ones in key pockets.

Venice Canals photo gallery - Home with top balcony and patio

Home owners make use of the view by adding extra balconies and front patios. This top balcony would give the owners views all along the canal.Swan paddle boat

Even the boats are impressive along at Venice Beach, Los Angeles. This swan would be fun to take out to move up and down the canals!

Succulent garden

Many home owners went to great effort to make their outermost gardens something special for those walking by!

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I hope you have enjoyed these photos of our day strolling down the walkways of the Venice Canals.  Have you visited the area? What were your impressions?

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