Variegated Roses in Raleigh’s rose Garden

The Raleigh Rose Garden is a place that you should visit if you are ever in Raleigh, North Carolina. It has a splendid array of roses of all types and colors.  Variegated roses were especially prominent on my latest trip. If you love growing perennials, you’ll want some of these in your garden!Variegated roses in Raleigh's rose garden

Raleigh’s little Theater has a wonderful rose garden behind it.  I discovered it year’s ago when my daughter performed in a play there as a middle schooler.

 Now, every year, she takes me to the rose garden for Mother’s day and my husband and I often go there when we go out for breakfast on the weekend.

Raleigh NC Rose Garden – Variegated Roses.

We went today and I got some lovely photos of roses.  They had not dead headed the bushes, which as a shame.  It was not very tidy but I did manage to get some lovely photos.  I’m doing a series of articles. This one showcases the variegated roses that I captured today. Check back later for other photos in separate articles.

Variegated rose Variegated rose Variegated rose Variegated rose Variegated rose Variegated rose Variegated roseDo you know what the different colors of roses signify?  Check out this article  for more info on this subject.

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