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10 Ways to Transform my Garden With Mom in Mind

Mother’s Day is right around that corner and spring has us out in our gardens.  That made me think about a project for ways to transform your garden with mom in mind.

I’m sure many of my readers are looking for something wonderful to give to their mothers for this special day.

After all, it is a wonderful time to show them how much you love them.  

Pretty azalea flowers in bloom with over lay reading 10 ways to transorm your garden with mome in mine

Another great way to show your mom how much you care is with a kitchen gift basket filled with your mother’s favorite things.

Celebrate your mother with these 10 tips to transform my garden with mom in mind.

Since my mother passed away late last year, I no longer have the ability to do this, so I decided to celebrate my mother in a different way this year.  

I did this by finding 10 ways to transform my garden with Mom in mind. With this aim in mind, I set about looking for places in my garden to add some of my mother’s favorite gardening props, displays and plants.  

I thought it would be fun to share my garden ideas with you by showing all the areas of my garden that make me remember my mum in such a special way.

From using watering cans, to showcasing garden statues, and planting my mother’s favorite spring flowering bulbs – irises, my garden shows you how my mother is just a plant, or a garden display item away for me.

Perhaps my garden will give you some ideas for how to bring your mother into your garden, or to help you find items to give to her on Mother’s Day if she is still with you.Watering cans make great garden planters. These were my mothers and really helped to transform my garden

Would you like to do something like this for your mother, if she is no longer with you?  Or is your mother alive and is a gardening mom?

Remembering her in your garden is the perfect way to do this.Purple bearded irises
For more gardening inspiration, be sure to check out my Pinterest Board.

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