Today’s Garden Tour – Stott Garden – Goshen, Indiana

A fan of my Gardening Cook Page on Facebook recently shared with me some photos she took on a recent Garden tour of Stott Garden in Goshen, Indiana.Stott Garden

Stroll down the paths of Stott Garden with Janie Newton Teel.

Janie said “the garden is a private huge garden but they give tours to the public.   There is no charge but she will accept donations since she purchases all the plants. THOUSANDS. It is cared for by an 83 year old mother and her daughter. IT IS AMAZING…so many paths that take a person down deep valleys and slopes.”

Here are some wonderful images from Janie’s tour of Stott Garden.  Thanks so much for sharing them, Janie!

Hostas and Coral Bells in the foreground.  Who would have thought LEAVES could be so pretty?

Coral Bells

Close up of the coral bells.  What a variety of color!  That looks like a day lily in the back!Heuchera

Fabulous walkway lined with more Heucheras. Coral bells is a plant that I have in my shady garden spots. It does not like full sun.LupinesLupines in full flower! What a show!  I love the height of the flower blooms.

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