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Today’s Garden Flower – My Bearded Irises are Blooming

Each morning, all during the spring and summer, I start my day with a walk around my flower beds.  I just love to see what has happened from the previous day.  I’ve been waiting for my bearded irises to bloom so it was a lovely surprise today. This particular variety is one of my great early spring bloomers.

These bearded irises went from pitiful, scraggly specimens to beauties in one year by transplanting. Find out how!

Irises grow from rhizomes, not bulbs.  See my article to help understand the differences between bulbs, corms, rhizomes and tubers.

The Bearded Irises are out in Bloom today.

Today’s delight was seeing my first irises in bloom.  I moved clumps of them last spring. They were growing, and not too well, in a bed surrounding an old well casing. 

I dug them up, amended the soil in several new beds that I have made over the last few years, and planted them in clumps.  (Click here for an article on how to grow irises.)

In previous years, when they were growing near the well, I only got one or two stubby flowers and lots of greenery.  They were scraggly, spindly and not at all pretty.

In my amended soil, the irises are thriving.   The soil is wonderful with dark humus and lots and lots of earth worms. The are wonderful this year, with lots of big plump buds, and many flower stems, like those in this picture.

iris bulb

The colors are lovely, with a combination of pale and dark mauve with a yellow beard. In 2013, I got a lovely show of them, but nothing like the following year.  Here is a close up photo:

irisUpdate for 2014. The iris show in my garden this year is amazing.  I have huge clumps of these beautiful beaded irises in all of my garden beds and they are lasting and lasting.  Here are some updated photos:

Bearded irises replanted from a dusty old bed are now blooming magnificently.This is a fabulous show of the bearded irises in my front garden bed.  I have three clumps of them about this size.close up of my bearded irises

Close up of the iris shows the beard so clearly!This clump is growing in my test garden

These bearded irises are in my test garden and doing beautifully!I have a huge show of bearded irises in my front garden bedNot bad for just replanting?  I wish I had taken photos of the original irises in near the well casing, in the bad soil. They look NOTHING like these beauties.

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Irises are one of my favorite perennial bulbs. My mother has always loved  them and the sight of them is very nostalgic for me.

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Heather @ new house new home new life

Wednesday 7th of May 2014

I'm waiting for my transplanted irises to do the same thing. Someone told me that in order to get a bloom, the plant must have clusters of five leaves. So I've been busy counting leaves on my morning walk around my garden.


Wednesday 7th of May 2014

I've never heard that Heather. Good to know. I just dug 'em up and transplanted. I figured that ANYTHING was better than where they were (in caliche soil with no water.)


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