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Butterfly and Insect Photos by Gardening Cook Fan Tamara

I love to feature photos from some of the fans of my Facebook page. Today I’ll be featuring  the lovely butterfly and insect photos of a fan named Tamara.

Fans of my Facebook page love to submit photos of their gardens and projects for me to consider for this website and The Facebook page – The Gardening Cook.

Normally, I include a photo or two in specific articles, such as vegetable harvests, or garden flowers.

But every once in a while, a fan’s submissions are so fabulous that I feature just their photos.  This is the case with page fan Tamara Martin.

Butterfly and insect photos in a collage with text overlay.

Tamara’s butterfly and insect photos

Tamara is not a professional photographer, but one would not realize that from her photos – they are that good. 

She recently submitted several photos for me to consider for the site and I loved all of them.  I’ve divided the photos into several themes.

Today’s presentation is Tamara’s photos of butterflies, bugs and other insects.

Bees, banana spiders and snakes

Grab a cup of coffee and prepare to be inspired.  First the ugly insects!

These first three of these pictures were taken this time last year. The bee swarm stayed for nearly two weeks. 

Banana Spider in a web.This banana spider was the most hideous thing! It built a web in the oak tree in the yard.

King Snake slithering in the grass.The king snake sneaked up behind Tamara when she was sitting on the ground waiting to photograph a green heron. 

Imagine her surprise.  I bet it made her jump!

Swarm of beesThis swarm of bees last two weeks!

Huge nest of bees in a tree.Tamara said that she had hoped that she could keep this nest for her brother-in-law’s taxidermy. 

But when the cold weather took care of the bees, a raccoon tore it apart before she could claim it.

Butterflies, caterpillars, dragonflies and lady bugs

And now the pretty insects. They are a welcome visitor in any garden.

Swallowtail butterfly feasting on a purple flower.Full front photo of a swallowtail butterfly

I keep trying to get photos with the wings out like this and usually do not manage it.

Swallowtail butterfly in pink flowers.

Another photo of a swallowtail feeding on pink flowers.Caterpillar on cotton bud

This hairy caterpillar feeding on a cotton bud may not look beautiful right now, but just give him time!Swallowtail feeding on a butterfly bush

Swallowtail butterfly feeding on a Butterfly Bush.Dragonfly on a porch postThis dragonfly’s favorite perch is a plant hook at the front porch. Tamara says that he is there most of the time.

Ladybug on a dogwood flowerCute little ladybug on a dogwood flower.

bumble bee on mimosa tree blossomHere is a bumble bee that Tamara captured on the mimosa tree bloom.

She is still looking for that carpenter bee!

Bee feeding on a sunflower.A bee feeding on a plump sunflower blossom.

Praying mantis close up on a macro lens.

These two photos are amazing.  Tamara says “I tried to take some macro photographs of this guy today and he took my camera.

He seemed so convinced that it was his that I had to take him off of the camera four times!”

Extreme close up of praying mantis

Thanks so much for sharing your photography skills with us, Tamara!

Pin these butterfly and insect photos

Would you like a reminder of these photos of Tamara’s critters? Just pin this image to one of your nature boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.

Insect in a collage with words: butterflies bugs and bees.

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