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Storage ideas for large items and Unusual shapes

These storage idea will have your home organized in no time at all

Some household items are just plain hard to store effectively. If you have ever opened a cupboard door and had plastic Tupperware lids rain down on your head, you know just what I mean.

How to store just about anything

  • Large Trays and Platters – These can take up a lot of room.  Sore them vertically in a file folder rack.  You will see what you need at a glance!
  • Pan Lids.  Store them in an old dish washing rack.
  • Linens.  Slip folded sheet sets inside the pillow case.  They will be tidier and take up a bit less room.

    Storing Linens

    Photo Credit Martha Stewart

  • Soft bags of rice and beans.   Place them in labeled plastic shoe boxes and place on cabinet shelves.  Keep rice in one, grains in another, beans in another, and label them.
  • Candles.  Place small votive candles in plastic containers in the fridge.  Not only will they stay cleaner but they will also burn better later.candle
  • Plastic lids.  Stop searching for coordinating containers and lids.  Code the lids and corresponding bottoms by writing numbers on them on the outside with a permanent marker.  Place a lid hanger inside a cabinet door and store the bottoms in an old dishpan or large Rubbermaid container.

    Lid Storage

    Photo credit HGTV

  • Use every bit of cabinet space! Use pullout drawers, cup hooks and plastic turntables in deep pantry cabinets so things don’t get lost or out of sight.
  • Store rarely used items on the space between the cabinet tops and the ceiling.  If the space is wide enough, many other rarely used items can get stored here!
  • Use inexpensive stepped shelves inside cabinets to store spices and other small bottles. This can double or triple your storage space.
  • Put up a shelf over the window to store trays and platters you do not often use.
  • If you have tapered glassware, store every other glass upside down to save space.

    Storing pots and pans


  • Hang it!  Install hanging racks to store pots and pans. You will free up so much counter space this way.
  • Mount magnetic strips on the back splash to store knives and free up drawer space.
  • Expand cabinet space by attaching a rack under the shelf to hold wine glasses. Lazy Susan storage
  • Keep those spice jars and other small items handy in cupboards by making use of Lazy Susan storage units. They are inexpensive and keep things right where you need them.
  • Think outside the box.  There are lots of items in your home that that can be used to store stubborn items.  Ribbon and a Dollar store plastic bin team up well here.DIY ribbon holder from
  • Repurpose old items. This garden tool storage kits was made with reclaimed wood and an old mailbox that had seen it’s better days. Get the tutorial for the mailbox makeover here.Green mailbox on a white post in a garden setting.

Reader suggested tips (These were submitted from some of the fans of The Gardening Cook on Facebook.)

      1. Joyce Elson suggested:  “If you don’t have much room for storage, roll your clothes instead of folding them. “ Great tip Joyce. This works very well for towels in my house!
      2. Mie Slaton says: “I don’t have much space to store our shoes. So this is how I do it.  I use wire hangers and bend both sides up towards the top and slip shoe on each sides. And I put them in a closet like you hang clothes up. I have small shoe closet by our front door, so I nag first one up and then second one on the first hanger. It will save space and much easier to store!”
      3. SuzAnne Owens has two suggestions: “if you have attachments, especially for vacuum cleaners buy a hanging shoe bag with slots on each side and you can easily store all your attachments in 1 place and not much space taken up.”  She adds:  “Use the same type hanging shoe bag put on back of bathroom door for towels, hand towels and wash clothes rolled and placed inside.”

Do you have a handy storage tip?  Please leave your comments below.  My favorites will be added to the article.

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