Snowman Wall Hanging – A Rustic Christmas Decoration

This snowman wall hanging is a rustic Christmas decoration that is made from an old kitchen door frame. It is super easy to make and looks great hanging on the shutters at our front door entry.
This cute snowman wall hanging was made from a old kitchen door frame. He is easy to do and looks great hanging on a wall.

I have a huge collection of both snowmen and Santa Claus Christmas decorations.  Our family room really gets into the Christmas spirit this time of the year when I bring them out of hiding for their yearly winter display.  Long gone are the days of purchasing new items for the collection.  I have so many of them, I really can’t add more. But I do still love to create Christmas decor items. This Snowman Wall Hanging is my latest creation.

My husband and I are redoing our kitchen this year as a sort of Christmas gift to ourselves.  We started with a pantry makeover  and then made a shiplap barn door for the door opening. 

That mean t that we ended up with a big pile of wood just itching to be made into some sort of rustic craft.  There is nothing quite as satisfying for me than taking a big ole pile of wood that came from a door frame and turning it into some sort of home decor item.This pile of wood will soon become a snowman

Let’s get started on our Snowman Wall Hanging  This cute snowman wall hanging was made from a old kitchen door frame. He is easy to do and looks great hanging on a wall.

(This post contains affiliate links for your crafting experience.)  To make the snowman, you will need the following supplies

We started the project by measuring and cutting the wood to make the slats for the snowman’s body and also one piece to use as the brim of the snowman’s hat. The body pieces were cut square. We also cut two small pieces to use as braces on the back of the body to keep the snowman slats in place.Measure and cut the wood for the snowman wall hanging
After a quick rub with some sand paper, we laid out the snowman pieces, face side down and used a large nail to space them.  Then we nailed the plywood braces in place 2″ down from the top and bottom edges.Cut back braces and measure to space correctly

We used a metal saw tooth picture hanger and added this to the top brace.Attach a metal saw tooth picture hanger in place.

The next step was to cut a shorter piece of wood for the snowman’s hat brim.  We cut the edges on a slight angle, since I planned to attach the brim of the hat on a angle on the Snowman Wall Hanging.  The pieces of wood were already white, but I gave them an additional coat of white paint to cover any imperfections in the wood and also painted the brim of the hat black and the top of the snowman black too.Cut and paint the wood for the snowman's hat

We nailed the hat brim to the top of the snowman at the join of the black and white paint, on a slight angle. Painting the hat was fun.  I used white craft paint to give the impression of bits of extra snow on the top of the hat and brim for an icicle look.Painting and decorating the snowman hat

I painted my snowman by hand, penciling it in first and then painting over the pencilling. If you need to use a template, you can print mine out here.Face for the Snowman wall hanging
The final touch was to add a “falling snow” effect to the top of the hat.  I did this by adding some wet black paint and sprinkling it with powdered sugar. This was a last minute thought and I didn’t have any fake snow to use, but it gave just the right look, I think!powdered-sugar-hat

That is all there is to this project.  Here is my Snowman Wall Hanging.   I plan to decorate this week and I can’t wait to add him to my collection!  I am going to add him to the shutters at my front door entry.  His slightly sad face seems to say “baby it’s cold out here!”This cute snowman wall hanging was made from a old kitchen door frame. He is easy to do and looks great hanging on a wall.

Have you used reclaimed wood in any of your craft projects? What did you do with it?

More of the lleft over wood was used to make a Santa Claus wall hanging to add to our back patio wall.



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  2 comments for “Snowman Wall Hanging – A Rustic Christmas Decoration

  1. Barbara
    11/28/2016 at 1:20 pm

    I made this project at the DIH at Home Depot last month. Turned out great and mine is hanging on my deck wall. Love it! Home Depot has lots of FREE classes for DIH-ers!

    • Carol
      11/28/2016 at 2:45 pm

      I’d love to see your project! Carol

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