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Slimcado Information – Good and Bad

What is a Slimcado?

A few months back, I starting seeing a larger and lighter green avocado in my Lowe’s Food supermarket. It was called a “slimcado” and was marketed as having 35% fewer calories and 50% less fat.

For those people who count calories or are concerned with fat intake, this avocado seems like a dream come true.  But is it? After all , the fat in avocados is considered to be a good fat and we do need some fat in our diet.

I bought this slimcado to see what it tasted like and I have to admit that I like it. (I’ve heard many people say “no thanks, I’ll take a Haas avocado any day of the week.)

The slimcado is a West Indian variety of avocado that is grown in Florida and used to be called a Florida avocado. I’m sure the marketing board decided that touting the low fat and lower calorie content would make it sell better, and this is probably true.

At first glance the Slimcado looks somewhat like a cross between a huge goose egg and an funny colored and smooth avocado.  The size is something else when you compare it to a normal Haas avocado.

Florida Avocado vs Haas avocado.

On the left: Florida (Slimcado) avocado
On the right: Haas avocado.

Slimcados are quite heavy and large. I often get one that is 6 inches or so long and quite round. They can actually grow up to about two pounds.  The fruit has a glossy green skin and has the shape of the Haas avocados but is much bigger.

Slimcado - 35% less calories and half the fat.

Slimcados do have 35% less calories and 50% less fat than Haas avocados, but still have good nutrient content. They are a very good source of vitamin E, fiber, B-vitamins, potassium, zinc, and monounsaturated fat.

Slimcado label

As far as flavor goes, I find them much sweeter than Haas avocados, but I actually enjoy that change. They seem, to me, to have a higher water content and that may account for the fat and calorie deficit.

Pros and cons:

Taste:  those who love the full fat flavor of a Haas avocado will complain about the taste of the slimcado.   I personally like the sweetness of it.

Uses:  The two avocados could be used in varying ways.  Slimcados might satisfy you in smoothies, but for guacamole, you may prefer the Haas avocado.

Dieters:  Will love it for the calorie savings, but you can use half the amount of the traditional avocado which may still satisfy, since it is richer.

Keep ability.  I often cut open Haas avocados and find they have gone discolored inside.  I’ve never had that with a slimcado, so it wins this category for me, hands down.

Price:  Most grocery stores have sales on the Haas avocados. I can sometimes get them for $1 each.  The Florida type varies but is at least $1.99.  But it IS a lot bigger, so that is a wash.

Texture.  Slimcados seem to hold their shape better when cut into chunks or slices, so are good in salads.

Calorie accuracy.  Yes it is true that the avocado has fewer calories and half the fat but it is also twice the size, so don’t think that you can eat the whole thing, or the deficit won’t do you a bit of good, and you will have not had the flavor of a Haas avocado.

Have you tried the slimcado? What did you think?  Is it good? Horrible? What say you?



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Friday 10th of January 2020

Hmm. Just bought a Slimcado with the idea of making guacamole. Sounds like that is not the best use for this type of avocado. Darn. 😟

Carol Speake

Saturday 11th of January 2020

Hi Robin. You can certainly use it for guacamole. It will just be a lighter version of the original made with a Haas avocado.


Saturday 21st of December 2019

I love Haas avocadoes; I eat them all the time, but when I discovered the Slimcado, and the price was right, I bought several. Wow! They are delicious! Flesh is medium-soft, smooth, and light green. Definitely tastes sweeter than Haas l, so I don’t think Slimcado would taste right in guacamole, but for my garden salad and for just eating straight, it’s is wonderful!

Carol Speake

Sunday 22nd of December 2019

That's the way I use them too. I also save my hass for guacamole.


Tuesday 17th of July 2018

After hearing a friend say how much she enjoyed the slimcado, I had to try one. Once was more than enough for me to decide never again! At $2.49 you can keep them. It has a watery, barely avocado flavor, texture is ok but not creamy like a Hass. To each there own.


Wednesday 18th of July 2018

Many times people love them mainly for their lower calorie count. They do have less flavor than a Hass for sure! Carol

Sally M

Saturday 17th of February 2018

Just had my first Slimcado last week. It was delicious! I'm so glad I didn't read reviews before I tried it, or I might have missed out on a real yummy 'cado! I didn't find it a bit bland, stringy, or watery, but I did notice how well the chunks held their shape. The guacamole we made with the leftovers was to die for!


Saturday 17th of February 2018

Hi Sally. I feel much the same way. It always surprises me when readers really don't like them, but each to his own taste! Carol


Wednesday 16th of August 2017

I love both! The slimcado is wonderful in smoothies , Brazilian avacado cream (dessert) great with a spinach and strawberry salad etc..noting that they are a bitsweeter I adjust my usage to suit. The creamy texture is amazing too.


Wednesday 16th of August 2017

Great ideas for using them Marg!