Shoe Planters – Recyle your Old Footwear in to Garden Planters

Do you have some old shoes or boots laying around that are still presentable looking but have lost there wearable appeal for you?  Turn them into shoe planters for your indoor plants.

Great selection of unique shoe planters

Shoe Planters Make Unique Garden Containers

These creative people have come up with several ideas to recycle footwear.  The possibilities are endless and as close as your closet or tool shed.

Bicycle planter with tennis shoes as well!This is one of my all time favorites.  It is shared from Carlene of Organized Clutter.  Carlene has had the bicycle for three years and it came painted white. She added the basket planter and then made those ADORABLE white tennis shoe planters.  Sweet as can be. See the tutorial for this project at Organized Clutter.

Mother and Daughter Shoe PlantersMy Friend Jacki from Drought Smart Plants had a contest with her readers and one of them entered this lovely idea – a pair of Mother Daughter shoe planters with mom’s old shoes and daughter’s clogs. Such a great idea! 

Victorian boot planterFeeling nostalgic for a trip to the past? This Victorian Boot planter with Lilies and Hydrangeas should take you there in no time at all.  Source:  Rook No. 17

Boot plantersThis great planter idea comes from a fan of The Gardening Cook on Facebook Bente Havelund.  Thanks for sharing Bente.  Those orange flowers make a great contrast to the gray suede boots!

red boot planterGreat idea if you have a unique shoe design.  In this case the flowers are almost inconsequential. It is the orange polka dotted shoe that makes this little garden scene.  Source:  Red Dotted Boot Planter

boot planterWho says the shoe has to be beautiful?  Shabby Chic is in.  Even worn out boots can make a neat addition to a cottage Garden. This stinky Boot Planter is original and makes quite a statement on the wooden door.   Source The Frugal Gardener Via

clog planterI love this idea!  And I’d also like those red crocs to wear in my garden, please…. Red Croc Planter nailed to a tree.  Source Full Circle.

stiletto planter For the girly gardener!  How cute is this   A fashion conscious garden planter made of a clear, see through silicone stiletto shoe Planter –  Source Trend Hunter  

Victorian shoe planterAnother Victorian looking shoe planter. This one is planted with ivy for a great casual look that matches the shoe.  Source:  The Enchanted Cove on Tumblr.

Tennis shoe planterWhat a neat way to use your child’s old tennie.   It even seems to fit the look of the cushion near the pool side.  Tennis Shoe Planter – Source Pinterest.

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  2 comments for “Shoe Planters – Recyle your Old Footwear in to Garden Planters

  1. 06/28/2014 at 8:59 am

    Love these!

    Wondering, in an attempt to preserve the shoes, can polyurethane or something similar, be applied to the them?

    • admin
      06/28/2014 at 9:48 am

      They could but if you put this on the inside of the shoe, it would not drain the water out so the plants might rot. Carol

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