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Uses for License Plates – Using Number Plates in DIY Projects

There are dozens of uses for license plates if you just think outside the box a bit. The colors and designs lend them selves to loads of home decor projects, both inside and outside the home.

Have you ever thought about using number plates in DIY projects?  Using recycled items saves money on the projects and also helps to save the environment.

My husband is a collector of old license plates.  He’s got one from almost every state in the USA as well as from many Canadian provinces.

Every time we go antique hunting, he checks out the consignment stores to see if they have one that he is missing.These 20 upcycled Uses for License Plates show that number plates are not just for cars. #licenseplates #numberplates

He plans to cover the walls of a work shed with them once he has a whole set.  I like this idea.  It gives new meaning to the words man cave!  They would look fun around a bar area too!

This wall from a tourist center along Historic Route 66 gives him a lot of inspiration for his idea!

license plate wall

Uses for License plates.

License plates are colorful and nostalgic. They can send a message, set a mood or be used in many different ways in projects. 

You don’t have to use the whole number plate!

When it comes to using number plates in DIY projects, think of them as an accent.  Maybe you can use just a part of them, such as the letters, or the shape of the state in a project.

This idea is one that I found in a local shop.  Old tree logs are cut into various shapes and then the letters from number plates were used to make inspirational messages  They would look neat in a rustic cabin.

Rustic license plate decor

Add some paint to them

Number plates normally have a lot of color and you may not want them splashed everywhere in your home, but get out the paint and you have a much more subtle look.

This project for license plate wall art from The Crafty Blog Stalker is much more subdued than you’d think it could be.License plate wall art from The Crafty Blog Stalker

They are perfect for kid’s rooms!

This project is just adorable.  The whole license plate is used as part of a larger car pattern for the wall of a child’s room. See how to make it at the Interior Frugalista.License plate wall art for a child's room.

Use them on Fences

Do you have a family that is spread around the country?  Imagine how much fun a family reunion would be with all the various license plate states covering part of your fence for an outdoor party!

License plate fence

They make great steps!

:License plates are pretty sturdy. How about using them as steps climbing up to a tree house?Tree house steps from license plates

Metal Garden Art

Metal garden art is very popular right now. This is a fun bird and license plate idea that would add a rustic touch in your back yard garden. Individual states are joined into one shape of the USA!Metal yard art with license plates

Make a clock!

This fun clock using license plate is from Amazon, but if you had a clock kit, you could use old number plates to make the same type of project.Clock made with license plates

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Some other fun ideas for using number plates in DIY Projects

These uses for license plates show that number plates are not just for cars!

Make a Fruit Basket

License plate key chains

Bird Houses made from Number Plates

Turn License plates into Bookends

Make a license plate lamp

Turn license plates into a table

Use number plates to make a map

Make a license plate dust bin

License plate room divider

Make a license plate nut box

Re-purposed license plate clip boards

The sky is the limit in these uses for license plates.  Their rectangular shape makes them ideal for boxes of all types and the letters and numbers can be used in lots of different ways.  Why not recycle your license plates today?

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