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Rope Wrapped Eggs – Farmhouse Easter Decor Project

These Rope Wrapped Eggs have a pretty farmhouse, rustic look that is perfect for both spring and Easter.

I love pretty home decor projects that can be used for an upcoming holiday but aren’t TOO seasonal. 

This project came after a trip to my local Dollar Store to pick a package of their over sized plastic Easter eggs.

Then I raided my craft supplies and found several colors of rope, butcher twine and some pretty burlap ribbon designs. I was all set to begin my shabby chic project.

These rope wrapped eggs with burlap ribbon make a cute Easter decoration item but can also be used all spring for pretty cottage chic decor.

Easter eggs are a traditional item that we see often in spring. From an Easter egg roll at the White House to Easter egg hunts at home, eggs are an iconic symbol of Easter.

Today we’ll be decorating some eggs for home decorations.

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supplies for the rope wrapped eggs with burlap ribbon

My next thought was “these are going to be so quick to put together!” Several hours later, as I was pulling my hair out, I finally came up with some tips to make them quick for YOU, my readers, to do.

Who would have thought that wrapping rope on a plastic egg would need some time saving tips?

Note: Hot glue guns, and heated glue can burn. Please use extreme caution when using a hot glue gun. Learn to use your tool properly before you start any project.

Tips for making rope wrapped eggs

Hot glue gun or glue stick?

I started with a hot glue gun, thinking this would be faster to dry.  It is, but it also means that you MUST wait for it to dry before you move on, or your fingers will end up covered in glue.

Also the glue seeps through the rope, unless it is a large thickness, so my answer is to use both.  

Start with a smear of hot glue on the very top of the egg and wrap your rope around until the top is covered. Then use a glue stick for securing the rope on the outside of the egg until you get to the other end, where you will end with hot glue again.

This allows you to wrap quickly without excess glue or sticky fingers being a problem.Hot glue the rope to the top of the egg

The color of the egg matters.

If you want to go quickly, try and match the color of your your eggs closely to the color of the rope.  

It doesn’t have to be exact, but don’t wrap a bright pink egg with light blue rope, or you’ll spend a LOT of time lining up the rope so nothing shows through.match the rope color to the egg

Go from two directions.

This was something I discovered part way through the process and it made ALL THE DIFFERENCE!  Do the wrapping in two stages.  

Attach the rope at the top with hot glue and wrap to the center of the egg with a glue stick.  Cut the rope and make sure it is stuck.  

Then, turn the egg over and attach the rope again at the other opposite end and wrap back to meet the other half.  You will be adding burlap ribbons around the center which will cover the join.  

Trust me, this tip makes the whole process go MUCH faster. If you try to wrap the whole egg in one direction, you will have two problems.

The wrapping will end up uneven and the rope will keep falling down once you have passed the center of the egg.

Wrapping from smaller to larger works much better than going from larger to smaller.Do one end first, then flip and do the other.

It’s time to decorate the rope wrapped eggs.

Now comes the fun part.  Using hot glue, attach the burlap ribbons around the center of the egg and fasten in the back.  Coordinate the ribbon to the color of the egg, or use contrasting colors.

I love the way the burgundy wrapped eggs came out.  It’s amazing what a different ribbon will do for the look. One looks quite rustic and the other has a more ‘homey” look to it.Burgundy rope wrapped eggs with burlap ribbon

I wrapped the green egg with some of the cooking twine in a little bow on top of plain burlap ribbon to dress it up.Green and striped rope wrapped eggs with burlap ribbon

The width of the burlap ribbon can be thin or wide for a completely different look.rope wrapped eggs with burlap ribbon

And here they are all arranged in a Spanish moss bird’s nest. I LOVE the way they came out!These rope wrapped eggs with burlap ribbon trim look great in a bird's nest.

The rope wrapped eggs look equally at home in a pretty green cottage chic planter. This gives them a more feminine look. I love the way they match the hellebore flowers.Bin of rope wrapped eggs with burlap ribbon

Pin these fun Easter Decor Eggs for Later

Would you like a reminder of these rope wrapped Eggs? Just pin this image to one of your DIY boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.Rope Wrapped Easter eggs

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