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Progress on my Test Garden

How my Test Garden has Grown!

Readers of my blog will know that my project for this year (and the next two) is my test garden.  I have a model that I am emulating from Garden Gate and will grow shade, semi shade and full sun plants in it to write articles about for my blog.

Read about the beginning here.

Read about Stage Two in early July 2013 before my daughter’s graduation party here.

I thought it would be fun to put some before and after pictures for this post.  The garden is growing so well right now. Although many of the plants this year are annuals, that will change as the garden grows. (it is only 1/3 the size that I want but it’s too hot to dig now.)

These are photos before the party in July showing the existing small fence garden that I put in last year just to get the project started, the area that was tilled for planting this year and then photos of the garden now.


Garden left in May 2013 planted last year


Garden right in May 2013


Full garden in May 2013

Before planting for party

Before planting for party early June 2013

The only tree in the garden

The only tree in the garden – about 3 feet tall

Focus of the garden early July

Full garden planted for party

Full garden planted for party

Garden left JUly 2013

Garden left late July 2013

Garden right July 2013

Garden right late July 2013

full garden July 2013

full garden  – late July 2013

Focus of the garden now

Focus of the garden now – Huge Elephant ears found growing in my compost pile 2 months ago.

Tree now

Tree now – about 5 feet tall

The tree is a mystery for now. I got 10 free trees for a membership with the Arbor Day foundation last year but I mixed up the tags.  The trees I received were:  2 White Flowering Dogwoods, 2 Flowering Crab apples, 2 Washington Hawthorns, 2 Eastern Red buds, 2 Golden rain trees.  I THINK it is a Washington Hawthorn, since I planted the largest one I had and they were the biggest.  But time will tell. 

Update:  My test garden has been featured in a garden hop.  It is one of 12 garden tours featured on Our Fairfield Home and Garden.  This great collage was designed by Melissa from Empress of Dirt who is also featured in the garden hop.

Garden Hop

Thanks for including my garden Barb!

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