Planting Garlic – Fall is the best time to do it.

Planting Garlic is best done if you do it in the fall. It is easy to grow and gives you bulbs to use in cooking for much of the year.  Be sure to get the heads for planting from a reputable supplier.  Planting garlic from the store might not grow, since it is often treated with chemicals so that it will not sprout. If you follow these tips, garlic will be the start of your vegetable gardening projects.

Garlic is so often used in cooking. Fall is the best time to plant it so that you have plenty next year.

Planting Garlic in the Fall gives The best Spring Growth

Organic garlic is an option however.  I am going to try that this year. It is not only great for cooking but can be planted to grow more garlicOrganic garlic

Tips for growing garlic:

While fall planting is best, if you wait too long to plant it and your weather gets too cold, you can also plant it in the very early spring as soon as the ground can be worked. It just might not give you as big a crop this year.

If you get a hard frost in your area, plant the garlic about 6-8 weeks before that frost.  It’s a good idea to break garlic cloves apart a few days before planting, but be sure and keep the papery husk intact on each clove.

Be sure to keep an eye out for weeds during the growing season. Garlic, just like most vegetables, does not like to compete with weeds while growing.  Free draining soil with lots of organic matter is best, but garlic will grow in most soil types.  Plant your cloves about 4-8 inches apart. If you plant it too closely together, you will get more plants but the cloves with be smaller.

Sprouted Garlic can also be used to grow garlic greens as an indoor plant. They are milder than garlic but make a really great garnish.Garlic bulbs that have sprouted

Here is a handy YouTube Video showing how to plant garlic.

If you cannot find seed garlic to try and grow your own locally,  Amazon has several vendors who have seed garlic for sale.

Have you ever grown your own garlic?  Please let us know how you did with it.

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