Pinterest Cracks Down on Spam Sitewide

Pinterest to Tackle the Spam issue?

Pinterest to crack down on spamPinterest is one of my favorite websites to share my blog content.  But spam has been a huge problem on the site.

There is nothing worse than seeing a great photo of an appealing image of a dessert, only to click on it and end up on a porn site or other totally unrelated site.

Controlling spam is a big part of any social media site. MY email inbox is just full of it. Facebook time lines can sometimes seem like product lines of promotional posts, and Pinterest has a huge amount of innocent looking images that link to spammy sites.

Pinterest is now working hard at identifying the sources of spam on the site, with many of those accounts are now being removed.

A lot of the spam on Pinterest is relatively benign, more of an annoyance than anything harmful. But there have also been many instances of images of something innocent like jewelry actually linking to travel sites, and other forms of my invasive spam problems such as pins with attached computer viruses.

Pinterest recently announced the ability for users to report whole accounts for spam. In the past, the reporting ability was limited to individual pins. That meant that it was a lot of work for any user to get rid of an account, since it meant doing a huge number of reports. Not many users wanted to do this. Since last October, a user can just click a small flag icon on the member’s profile page and can either report them for spam (or a host of other reasons,) or block their pins entirely from their own view.

Are there any downsides to the crackdown on spam at Pinterest? Yes, a few.

Besides helping to make the site cleaner, what does this mean for you? The bad news is that you may see a dip in your follower count. The good news is that it will most likely be insignificant. 

“Removing these accounts helps protect the integrity of Pinterest and helps ensure that followers are real people who are interested in what you share. It also means some of these spam followers may be removed from your follower counts. For more than 99% of accounts, it will be a loss of less than 10 followers. However, spammers tend to focus their attacks, and most of the bad accounts are following a relatively small number of legitimate accounts.”

What are your thoughts on the issue of spam? Was it a big problem for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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