Osiria Rose Photo Gallery of This Hard to Find Hybrid Tea Rose

Osiria Rose is a hybrid tea rose that was first hybridized in Germany by Mr. Reimer Kordes of Germany in 1978.  The rose was introduced in France by Willemse France under the name ‘Osiria’.  Photos of the rose that have made their way around the internet are highly photo shopped. Several of my readers have grown the rose successfully, though and have shared them with me. I thought it would be nice to start an Osiria Rose Photo Gallery.  If you love growing perennials, it may be worth trying to find this rose, in spite of its growing problems.Osiria Rose is a hard to grow and VERY hard to find rose. I have started an Osiria Rose Photo Gallery on my site. If you have grown the rose, please share you photo for my readers.

I will add to the Osiria Rose photos gallery gradually as more and more readers share their photos.  This way, we can have photos of the actual rose at it grows, instead of the photo shopped image which we would never see in our gardens.

Osiria rose has a strong fragrance and blooms throughout the growing season. It is hardy to zones 7b and warmer. The rose is hard to grow and even harder to find. It is a weak variety that is prone to all sorts of problems.  The rose is a beauty, though, and worth the care required to grow it.

This is the photo shopped image that started the online craze for this rose a few years ago.  One of my most asked questions from readers is “Where can I buy Orisia Rose?”  Very few growers in the USA stock it, and those that did in 2014, when the craze started, and in early 2015 no longer carry it because of problems growing it. And NONE of them look like the Osiria rose all over the internet. We now have “fake rose news!”

Photo shopped Osiria Rolse

Photo shopped image of Osiria Rose

The roses in this Osiria Rose Photo Gallery don’t look much like the photo shopped rose.

The first reader who shared images of an Osiria rose that he grew is Carl H.  Carl had decent luck growing the rose but was a bit disappointed at first. This image shows the rose as a bud. It looks pretty much like a red rose, except for the light colored bases to the petals.

Osiria Rose bud

This image shows the rose as it started growing. The color white is very very faint here.

Osiria rose as it matures

And this photo shows Carl’s rose after more time growing. The whitish color is becoming more prominent. Osiria rose with red and white petals grown by one of my readers Carl H.

Another reader, Tom, shared this photo of his Osiria.  The rose does definitely have the two colors showing prominently.Reader of the Gardening Cook, Tom, shared his Osiria rose photo

This photo for the Osiria Rose Photo Gallery has been sent in by reader Pam.  Pam’s photo seems to resemble the photo shopped rose in the center but the edges still look very much a solid color.Osiria rose photo shared by reader Pam

Tammy shared a photo of a double sided Osiria rose.  Instead of the inner petals showing the white color, one whole half of the rose is white and the other is red. Tammy described this as an Osiria rose but but did not let me know where she purchase it.  The two sided look is not common to Osiria, so it may actually be another variety.Double sided Osiria rose photo shared by reader Tammy

Do you have an Osiria rose that you have grown successfully?  Please submit an image in the comments below or email me a photo.  I would love to add it to the Osiria Rose Photo Gallery.

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