No Vegetables? – Oh no!!

One of my favorite things to do is to go out into my vegetable garden first thing in the morning to see what surprises await me.  Usually, I come back in with a basket of goodies for the evening meal.   Imagine my surprise today when there were no vegetables in sight.

I’ve been succession planting all spring and summer in the hopes that I will have vegetables well into the fall.

A Day with No Vegetables is Not a Good Day

Alas…Today”s excursion gave me not a single vegetable.  There are plenty soon to come, of course, but I normally always get at least a dozen cherry tomatoes.  It appears that my earliest tomato plants (two monsters that have outgrown their cages and are dangling close to the ground now) have decided that the end is near.

I hope that tomorrow’s visit will be more promising.  Still waiting for this 10 foot wide watermelon patch to convince me that it WILL produce for me.  Yesterday it looked as though one of the flowers might actually be trying to be a melon!

no vegetables

What have your experiences been like with your vegetable garden?  Do you get something every day, or do you have days like today for me when you get no vegetables?  Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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