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No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Every fall, the pumpkins abound and people start thinking about how to carve and decorate them.  But that can be messy and eventually kind of smelly too.  Instead of all that mess, why not try one of these no carve pumpkin ideas.

All use other supplies to decorate the pumpkin without the need of getting all that junk out of the middle of it.

No carve pumpkin ideas.

Decorate with one of these No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Most of these projects can be made with either a real or a faux pumpkin and very little in the way of extra supplies.  Let’s get crafting!

Succulent pumpkin planter

Cover a pumpkin with moss and attach succulent cuttings on top for a unique and trendy fall decor idea. See how to make this succulent pumpkin planter here.

Twine wrapped pumpkinsThis is such a simple project but also looks quite effective.

Just wrap your pumpkins in twine, add a couple of spiders and you are a great looking decor project that takes no time at all to do.  See the directions at Woman’s Day.

Pumpkin Totem poleThis project would be cute for smaller sized real or faux pumpkins. It has a sort of “night before Halloween appeal to it!” See the tutorial at Cooking Classy.

BeJeweled PumpkinsFor this no carve pumpkin, use a metallic paint and then attach flat backed acrylic “jewels” from a craft store for a really eye catching display. Source: Flickr.

White warty pumpkins painted white with stems painted gold.

For this project, knucklehead pumpkins are sprayed white and the stems are painted gold.

The pumpkins are placed on white board with straw under them for a really trendy look. See more about knucklehead pumpkins here.

No carve pumpkins with natural ingredients.This neat photo is a public domain image from MorgueFile. For this neat scarecrow, decoration, just use natural ingredients for eyes and nose and the mouth and add a colorful hat and scarf.

Button Pumkin with a black bow.This cute idea is simple as can be to make. Just grab a jar of black buttons. (no need to match, that is all the better for texture).  From the word “Boo” on the front and add a festive wire wrapped ribbon bow.

Cute and easy with no mess.  Shared from BHG.

Black and White no carve PumpkinsThe black patterns on this lighter colored pumpkin is so effective and the black lace adds a romantic touch.

To do this project, you will need to use a black vinyl pattern and then embellish the pumpkins with black decorative objects. See the tutorial at Andrea Steed.

Lace Covered PumpkinsThis idea comes from a pair of retail pumpkins that I saw recently at World Market.  But I think it would be easy to do.

Just grab yourself a couple of light colored faux pumpkins and some Halloween craft lace and wrap them up for an eery Halloween decoration.

No Carve Sun Flower PumpkinHere is one for my daughter Jess, who loves sunflowers and also has a blog:  Jess Explains it all.  The project is made with a faux pumpkin and sunflowers from the dollar store.  See how to do it on this page.

Lace, modge podge and white paint transforms this pumpkin into a Gothic look.Lace appliques, white paint, and Modge Podge turns these pumpkins into Gothic works of art.

They are easy to do and so effective.  See the tutorial at Honestly WTF.

Black and White Witch Hat No Carve PumpkinThis white pumpkin is all glammed up with the addition of a paper Mache Witch hat and a decorative black and white bat ribbon.  See the directions at A Pumpkin and A Princess.

No Carve Glitter PumpkinsThese no carve Glitter pumpkins are so effective looking and very easy to do. Just use clear drying glue on your pumpkin and add glitter.

Be sure to work in small sections as you go, so the glue does not dry out. Idea shared from Better Homes and Gardens.Top 10 No Carve Pumpkin ProjectsBut if you just can’t resist actually carving a pumpkin, be sure to save the seeds so that you can toast them for a healthy snack.

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