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Nature Photos- A collection of Nature at Its Best

Explore Nature at Its Best in Photos

Since I am a gardener, it stands to reason that I love everything beautiful in nature. There are times that I am simply amazed by the beautiful, unusual and sometimes humble side of our planet.  I especially love unusual nature photos.

Nature at it's best:  White cliffs of Dover, EnglandI thought it would be fun to have an ongoing page featuring some of my favorite nature photos, some beautiful, some puzzling and some downright ugly, but all still impressive.

Many of these photos are public domain photos from MorgueFile or Pixabay.  Others will have a link to the original if attribution is required.This page is a work in progress.  Please check back often to see more of Nature at its Best

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy my collection of wonders of the world.

Unusual albino turkeyWhite wild turkeys are not true albinos. The turkeys have a recessive gene which gives them the different color than normal turkeys. Many albino turkeys successfully breed and pass this gene on to their offspring.

Wonderful example of a shaggy mane mushroomA wonderful example of a shaggy mane mushroom.  You will find these unusual mushrooms in disturbed ground, and along the edges of dirt roads. In the Rocky Mountains, the shaggy mane, or Coprinus comatus can be seen from the car during the monsoon season.

Red Anthurium flowerAmazing photo of a red Anthurium flower in the sunlight.  Anthuriums are easy to grow indoors too, even in low light.  They are also known as a Tropical delight.

Nature at its best. The colors of fallNature’s paintbrush. The colors of fall. There is nothing quite like the changing of leaves in the fall.

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