My Mystery Plant – Do you Know what it is?

Every once in a while I find something growing in my garden that I call a Mystery Plant. Right now I have a plant which has shown up in my garden in three different places. I have no idea what it is and I don’t remember planting anything like it.

mystery plant

Name that mystery plant!  Who can do it?

I had one very nice lady email me, and she mentioned that my plant might be perennial rue, but when I searched images of that plant, it doesn’t seem to fit.  This plant has roundish leaves and yellow flowers the color of buttercups.  It also resembles a Baptisia plant that I have growing in another bed, but that one has no tendrils and has purple flowers.

The other day, I saw a few images of sweet pea vines when I was looking at flowers on the web.  The curly bits that sweet peas get reminds me a lot of my plant, except that mine has yellow flowers and sweet peas are normally pink.  The stems on my plant are very thick and stocky.  It has hard to cut them with normal secateurs.

I took a few more pictures today of the flower and the tendrils to see if anyone reading my blog might know what it is.

The plant has a buttercup yellow flower that grows atop glossy green leaves.

And here is the odd spider like thing that projects out from the area where new leaves grow.  The tendril is thick and quite long and curves in some places. It looks almost like a long green bean!

mystery plant
Anyone have an idea what my mystery plant is?  I’d love to be able to name the plant, or find out if it is a weed or a perennial.  If you know, please leave your comments below.

MANY thanks to Phyllis Downey and Nancy Hand on Home Talk for identifying my plant. It is a Cassia – commonly known as a coffee weed or sicklepod.  So out it goes!

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  2 comments for “My Mystery Plant – Do you Know what it is?

  1. Cathy
    08/28/2013 at 5:20 pm
    • admin
      08/28/2013 at 5:41 pm

      HI Cathy, Thank you for the name. I had figured it out a while ago and added it to the article. I’ve been finding more of them this year. Apparently it is quite invasive.


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