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My 10 Most Popular Posts of 2016

Each year, at the end of December, I take stock of what worked (and what didn’t!) on my blog.  Sometimes, I am surprised when a blog post makes my top 10 list for the past year when I wasn’t expecting it.  Other times, I think “not you again” when a tried and true favorite post ends up on the list of favorites. This year’s 10 Most popular posts of 2016 is no exception.See what made the list of the most popular posts of 2016 for The Gardening Cook. This year, household tips, gardening tips and one great recipe made the top 10!

In 2016, The Gardening Cook had almost 2 million visitors to the site, and those visitors viewed a total of close to 3 million pages!  The split between the various age groups from the top three spots were pretty even with the older readers (aged 55-64) just edging some of the younger readers (25-34)  It appears that oldies have more time for gardening on their hands but younger ones still love to garden too!  That is encouraging.  For the first time, mobile readers beat both PC and Tablet readers combined (by a BIG margin!)  Females beat the guys by 10 to 1 which DID surprise me!  

Not surprisingly, the bulk of my most popular posts for 2016 ended up being articles on making life easier in the garden.  A couple are those which deal with helpful “inside the home” tips. This year, a recipe post made my top 10 list for only the second time.  Most of my really popular recipe posts end up in the top 20, but this year one got the accomplishment of ending up at number 7. 🙂  Since I love to cook, I am delighted to see a food post get pride of placement!

Last year I showed my popular posts for 2015 in order from 1 to 10.  This year, for a change, I decided to go backwards from 10 to 1 to keep a bit of surprise till the end of the page. (No fair peeking ahead!) I’ve included links to each of the articles that made the list in case you may not have read them yet.

Counting down my 10 most popular posts of 2016:

10. 100+ Recipe Substitutes.  Have you ever found yourself in the kitchen with every ingredient that you need except for just one?  Do you ever wonder how to substitute one food for another?  Are you looking for ways to lighten up your meals?  If so, this post will be helpful. I’ve put together 100 different substitutes and replacements to make your life easier.100+ Recipe Substitutes and Replacements -

9. Easy Burner Drip Pan Cleaning Tip.  I don’t know about you, but my drip pans seem to always need to be replaced because they get to be such a mess.  That is until recently.  I discovered a simple trick that makes cleaning my burner drip pans a breeze as long as they have not been scoured so that the metal is pitted.  The difference to my last set of burner pans was amazing!Cleaning burner drip pans is easy with one simple ingredient!

8. Growing Ginger.  I love gardening projects that the kids will love to get involved in.  Ginger is a commonly used kitchen ingredient that is very easy to grow from a piece that you already have on hand.  Ginger is not the only kitchen scrap that grows this way.  There are lots of others too. See them all in this post. 

You can grow ginger easily from an existing piece.

7. Abruzze MeatBalls Recipe.  I loved this amazing meatball recipe and so did my readers, it appears, since it made my top ten list this year at number 7!  The sauce is the reason.  It is just amazing!  If you missed this recipe when it first came out, be sure to check it out here.  You’ll be glad you did!

Dig into these Abruzzese Meatballs in a home made buttery tomato sauce

6. How to grow Astilbe. This post always seems to make the top 10 list.  It was in spot 10 last year and moved up a few places in 2016.  It is no wonder.  Astilbe is one of the stars for a shade garden with its magnificent blooms.  See my tips for growing this lovely plant here.

Tips for growing astilbe

5.  How to sweeten your tomatoes.  There is nothing quite like the taste of sweet tomatoes.  This simple trick  with baking soda gives them an extra boost of sweetness.  There is nothing like the taste of a sweet home grown tomato

4. How to use Baking Soda in the Garden.  My most popular posts of 2016 seems to like baking soda in the garden!  This time, instead of sweetening the tomatoes, the baking soda is put to 10 other uses.  See them all here.Using baking soda in the garden

3. Home Made Miracle Grow Recipe.  Many of my readers don’t like to use products in the garden that contain harsh chemicals.  Some just like to save money on fertilizers and other useful garden products. This seems to be the reason that this post always seems to make my top 10 list each year.  See how to make your own Miracle Grow here.Make your own Miracle Grow Fertilizer.

2. Soda Bottle Drip Feeder.  Each year since I wrote these last two posts, the view for position 1 and 2 in my top 10 list.  Last year, this one was number one but it slipped a bit this year.  It’s still a very popular post and seems to be in my top 10 each week all year long.  See suggestions for how to make a drip feeder using a soda bottle.Tomato Plant Soda Bottle Drip Feeder

1. Testing Borax Ant Killers. I am not alone in wishing that I had no ants in my home. My readers seem to want this too! Topping the list at number 1 of my most popular post of 2016 is my test of various Borax Ant Killers against the retail product Terro.  Some where woeful failures and other combinations really gave Terro a run for its money.  See how they tested in this article.See how my Borax Ant killer remedies compared to Terro Ant killer

Did your favorite post make my list of the most popular posts of 2016?  If not, which was your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below!

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