More Flowers from My Fan’s Gardens

Aren’t these Fan Flowers Gorgeous?

One of my favorite things to do on my Gardening Cook page on Facebook is to share the garden pictures of my fans.

The pictures give me inspiration and ideas for my own gardens and the fans just love it when I share the fruits of there labor.

Here are some of the latest submissions.

Gorgeous hydrangeaDuvall Jane shared a photo of this stunning hydrangea.  Gorgeous picture and flower!

Black eyed Susan's and seed pod from Jack in the pulpit.Deb Osting shared this colorful photo of Black eyed Susan’s in the back ground with a seed pod from Jack in the pulpit rising above.

Fan photo of a bird and flowers. Just amazingTamara Martin took this photo while visiting family in NC.  The detail in the photo is just amazing! Thanks for sharing Tamara.

Lovely roseGorgeous rose picture from page fan Dana Bryan Melvard.

Pink Almond Bush and TulipsJulianne Vanko O’Gorman shared this photo of her pink almond bush and tulips from a spring display.  I love the almond bush!

Purple DaturaThis amazing purple datura looks almost like a silk flower at first glance. Shared from Bob Tingwald.

 Purple bean seed.

Sandy Scott Gadman shared this photo. She says “This is Purple Bean Seed .. It produces the prettiest flowers before it produces the bean pod” Thanks for sharing Sandy!

To see other Fan Flowers,  please visit this page.

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