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Meditation Garden Settings

The aim of a meditation garden is to provide a soothing and peaceful setting which will make it a lovely place to unwind after the stresses of daily life.

Many botanic gardens, such as the Los Angeles Botanical Garden and Memphis Botanic Garden, have Japanese themed gardens that incorporate areas for meditation in them.

I have several areas in my back yard that I can use as a place to retreat, and perhaps meditate.

May 3 is recognized as National Garden Meditation Day.  With a bit on creativity, anyone who loves to meditate can create a lovely meditation garden.

Meditation Garden Settings

Ideas for Meditation Gardens.

A meditation garden often has Japanese styled plants in it. Bamboo is one that is often used but really whatever plants make you feel peaceful will work well.  Flowering herbs are a great choice, as are ferns and hostas.

Water features, paths and rocky area are also all good choices for a meditation setting. Small walkways are always additions that put me in a peaceful mood.

Many people grow bonsai trees as a part of a meditation garden. The Japanese art form lends itself well to this type of garden setting.

Many meditation gardens make use of statues to set the mood.  Some use traditional meditating figures and others are more abstract.  Sometimes just a pile of rocks can make one feel peaceful and zen. 

Here are some of my favorites meditation garden ideas.

Sometimes just a garden bench is all that is needed for tranquility.

Sometimes just a garden bench is all that is needed for tranquility. This simple bench is surrounded by a simple look in plants that encourages reflection. Source:  Susan Kramer

Buddha statue

A Buddha statue makes a wonderful garden accent.  Place it alone or near some grass like plants to put you in the mood for relaxing. This walkway gives a zen feel to the garden setting.This walkway gives a zen feel to the garden setting. Just walking over the bridge makes you wonder what lies ahead. Source: Victoriaims

The simplicity of rocks and bamboo in a meditation setting

The simplicity of rocks and bamboo in a meditation setting is often used to indicate balance.  Source: 123rf

Water garden with island Meditation statue

A Zen garden statue and water are both features of meditation gardens.  This scene uses both beautifully. Source: Deviant Art.

Traditional Buddha Meditation statue

Traditional Buddha Meditation statues add a zen-like feel to any garden setting and puts one in a meditating mood as soon as you see them. Source: The Daily Meditation

Cat meditation Statue from Novica

Statues don’t need to feature Buddha.  This cat meditation statue from Novica is an ideal piece that would bring a meditation feel to any garden.

Lucky Bamboo plant

There are many good luck plants that you can use in your meditation garden. One which is thought to increase feng shui is dracaena sanderiana.

Find out how to grow lucky bamboo here.

Meditation dog in garden

My friend Carlene from Organized Clutter has a mediation dog in her garden.  This is a great idea for pet loving meditation minded people.

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