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14 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a Luxurious Hotel

Anyone who has slept in an upper end hotel room knows that you will get an amazing night’s sleep there.  There is something hard to describe about the stay at a five star luxurious hotel.

Of course, we can’t pay to sleep in luxury each night, but there are many ways to have the same luxury feeling at home in our own bedroom if we have just a few easy tricks up our sleeves.
14 Easy Ways to make your bedroom feel a Luxurious Hotel - the

Transform Your Bedroom with a Luxurious Hotel Feel.

These 14 easy ways to have your bedroom feeling like a five star luxurious hotel room in no time at all. Most don’t involve too much in the way of expense and have more to do with “setting a mood” than spending money.
Pile on the pillows

There is just something indulgent about the look of a bed that has a lot of over sized pillows on it.   And don’t be shy.

You can match the pillows to the bedding or just use any over sized pillows that you may have which will compliment the look of the room. Pillows always add depth and dimension to a plain bed.

Of course, you will have the nuisance of taking them off before bedtime, but isn’t it worth that small effort to have the luxury look when someone enters the room? And make sure they are big and over stuffed.

Nothing says five star luxury like a bed with over sized pillows!

Oversized pillows on a bed spells luxury
Add height to the room with longer curtains.

You can’t have a luxurious hotel room feeling if your room seems small.  If you have windows that are framed with curtains that only just fit the window, it will make them, and the room, seem smaller.

Add some height to the room but adding longer curtains.  This simple step will make the bedroom seem larger, and it  will also add a feeling of luxury to the whole room.

Invest in a good set of sheets

There is nothing that says luxurious hotel more than the feeling that you get when you snuggle into a bed made with good quality high thread count sheets.  Invest in the highest thread count sheets that you can afford.

Doing so will make a huge difference to your sleeping comfort. With sheets, it really is true that you “get what you pay for.”   Add  a lovely comforter and nice pillows that match the color of the sheets for a real five star feel to the room (and to the bed!)1000 count sheets

Get rid of clutter.

One of the key features of a high class luxurious hotel room is the lack of clutter.  Now do this – walk into your bedroom as if you were visiting it for the first time and really look at it.

Does it say luxury, or does it stress you out looking at all the clutter in the room?  What can you minimize?

Keep nightstand clutter to a minimum.  Have only a few pieces of art on your walls, and put things away instead of leaving them out in plain sight.

Everything in its own place is a good bedroom motto to keep.  The floor is especially important to keep free of clutter.  Nothing says luxury LESS than five pairs of shoes in the corner that could have been place in a nearby closet.

Yes, it takes a bit more time, but our aim here is to give the feeling of luxury, so the clutter has to go!

clean bedroomThe mattress is key

Beds in luxury hotels are comfortable.  Not everyone can afford a Tempurpedic bed,  but you can get a similar feeling by adding a luxury bed topper.

These mattress pads are about 2 inches thick or so, and they really do make a difference to the feel of the night’s rest.  I have one on my bed and it was like night and day in the before and after feel.

These toppers give a “lovingly worn” mattress a luxury feel at a fraction of the cost of a high quality mattress.  If you check the mattresses on many luxury motels, you will see that they use thick mattress toppers on their beds too!

mattress toppers give a good night's sleepThe headboard takes the eye and sets the scene.

Every bed needs the focal point that a lovely headboard gives.  If you don’t have the cash for a wooden one, consider making your own headboard from tufted fabric. Look at the luxury in this room!

In this case, the owners had the whole wall behind the bed cover in tufted fabric. The bed is really quite minimal, but the look!  Luxury personified!

Candles set the mood

Think of how you feel when you walk into a store that has candles flickering. The smell of the candles is luxurious and the mood is instantly set.

Have a few candles in the bedside tables that you can take out and light when you are feeling romantic and want to set a mood.  It’s an instant romantic get away, right in your own home!

candles set a mood

Adjust the lighting in the room>

You have made your bedroom into a sanctuary with some of these luxury tips. Why spoil it now with harsh lighting?

Invest in some light dimmers for a relatively low cost, or add lamps instead of just using over head lighting.  The whole room will feel more soft and this soft lighting definitely gives the room a luxury feel.

soft lighting gives a bedroom a luxury feelCreate a seating area.

One of the special places in a good luxury five star hotel is a small part of the room that is used as a cozy seating area.

If there is room in your bedroom, add a couple of comfortable chairs with a small table to enjoy morning coffee.

If you don’t have room for this, how about a soft window seat as a place to enjoy your favorite book?seating area

Make a dramatic change with new furniture hardware.

Not everyone can afford to replace furniture items. Those are big ticket, but have a fresh look at what you have.

Could new hardware make a big difference?  It is relatively inexpensive and can really make the room seem new and fresh.

Color matters

Think of the colors that are used in spas.  They are very soothing and nature inspired.   Consider going for a more neutral color scheme in your bedroom and leaving the more vibrant colors for other rooms.

Carry these colors into your bedding, carpets and other decor to give a very peaceful look to the bedroom.

Earth tones in a bedroom are peaceful
Use Nature to an advantage.

Incense, natural oils, scented candles all add to a luxurious feel. Fresh flowers bring nature inside.

Don’t want to have to change water on flowers?  How about a large fern in the corner or on a small table?

Open the windows too to bring in natural breezes and make the air smell fresher.  Having a clean fresh smell in your bedroom goes a long way towards setting a luxurious feel in the room.

This porcelain vase with wild flowers is very simple but sets an elegant mood to this corner of the room.

vase with wild flowersUse trays

Hotels use trays for a reason. They look great, set a spa type mood, and are a wonderful place to keep all your knick knacks organized.

Use them on dressers and bedside tables for an uncluttered look.  If you are particularly house proud, stage one on your bed, along with a comfy blanket when you plan to have company.

They won’t want to leave!

use trays to give the room a spa feel
The Bathroom finishes the scene.

Any stay in a luxury hotel does not stop with the bedroom. The bath is every bit as important.

Many homes today have attached en suite baths.  If your bedroom has the luxury feel but the bath looks like a bomb went off in it, that luxury feel won’t last long.

We can’t all spend money redoing our baths but there are so many ways to bring that luxury feel into the bathroom.

Matching towels, terry cloth dressing gowns, a CLEAN space, some pretty accents, soaps and scents can go a long way to finish the luxury feel that you started in the bedroom.Spa
Now that you have a few ideas, what are you waiting for?  Head into that bedroom and bathroom and have a good look around. What can you do to give your space a more luxurious hotel feeling?

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Friday 20th of March 2015

Great tips! I need to get a nice headboard and new sheets.


Friday 20th of March 2015

Glad you enjoyed the article Danielle. Carol

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