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Useful Kitchen Gadgets – To Make Life Easier

Could you make use of these kitchen gadgets?

These days, it seems there is so much to do and so little time to do it.  But these handy kitchen gadgets can make many tasks a breeze.  They would be useful for many common kitchen tasks that are either messy or time consuming.

Whick Kitchen Gadget would you use?I have a drawer full of kitchen gadgets I don’t use, but these are some that I would make use of all the time.  All links are to Amazon.  Would you use these if you had them, or do you think that there are just too many gadgets filling up drawers and don’t use them at all?

banana slicerThis banana slicer keeps your hands clean and slices uniformly all in one step.  Would make a great gadget when you are making a fruit platter.

Corn kerneler

Getting the kernels off ears of corn is a breeze with this nifty corn kerneler.  It has a handy spout to remove them when done too.herb scissorsThese herb scissors are so neat.  I’d use them all the time.  They have five blades to make light of herb chopping chores.melon slicer

Need uniformly sliced melons or pineapples for a buffet?  This melon slicer will make your plates look gadget pepper corerI get seeds all over the place when I take the core out of peppers. This pepper corer is a great little kitchen gadget.

thin vegetable slicerIf you need to cut thin vegetable slices for a recipe, this spiral vegetable slicer will do the trick in no time at all.banana holder

This is my favorite!  A plastic banana holder. Ever since I bought one, my bananas stay fresh for many days longer.

Do you have kitchen gadgets that you can’t do without? What are they?  Please comment below.

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David Air Fryer

Tuesday 19th of September 2017

Nice gadgets! Every single one is very beneficial in terms of making the complex tasks easier for the users in the kitchen.I will buy them soon. Amazing post!


Friday 22nd of August 2014

Every June I say I'm going to get a strawberry corer and every June I don't. That's the one tool I don't have and need.


Friday 22nd of August 2014

Hi Heather. I'd love that one too. I got the Banana holder this year and just love it. Carol

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