Jewelry Displays – DIY projects to Organize your Treasures

Jewelry Displays from Re-Purposed Materials.

If you have a lot of jewelry, you will most likely find that it ends up in trays or drawers in a big muddled mess.  But with a bit of creativity, on of these DIY jewelry displays will have your treasures organized in no time at all.

Creative jewelry displays made from recycled materials.The projects make use of household items that you may have hanging around which can be re-purposed in to displays or storage pieces to hold your jewelry.

If you need more info on the project, just click the links below the pictures.

jewelry displaysThis old vintage chair makes a unique jewelry holder for brooches.  Be careful not to sit on it though! Please sir.

jewelry storageI love this neat idea.  A concealed hidden jewelry display inside a photo frame stores the jewelry but keeps it hidden from sight.  Organizing Made Fun.

jewelry displaysSuper easy!  Just remove the lamp shade outer cover from an old lamp and hang necklaces around the rim of the shade support.    No source for the instructions but easy to do.  Source Indulgy jewelry displaysThis idea has a cottage chic look to it.  A fancy and ornate frame with lace attached in rows is used to hang earrings.  Upcycle Designjewelry displaysSuper easy idea.  An old bamboo blind hung on a wall is used to hang earrings. Source:  Zovie Style  jewelry storageFabulous idea.  Old picture frames lined with satin sued to store vintage brooches.  Hillary Quinn.


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