Household Tips to Make your Life Easier

My favorite Household tips

I thought it would be fun to compile a page of some of my favorite household tips that will save you time and money.   All of these are easy to do and most re-purpose commonly found household items.

Time saving household and kitchen tipsTime is money as they say and no one seems to have enough of it.  Read on to see how to save some of your valuable time that could be put to better use.

Ketchup bottle as a pancake dispenserPortion pancake batter with precision―without the usual mess of transferring batter from the bowl. Just squeeze out baby-size or plate-size rounds, or add Mickey Mouse ears to a batch of silver dollars.  Source:  Real Simple.

Freeze left over lemons to grate later.Don’t throw out those partly used lemons. Freeze them and grate later. Find out how: The Gardening Cook.

Coffee filters as screen cleaners.Put a coffee filter to work as a screen cleaner.  For lint-free viewing, grab a coffee filter to wipe down dusty computer monitors and TV screens regularly.  Source Apartment Therapy.

Peel a whole head of garlic in less than a minute.Need to cook for a crowd?  Find out how to peel a whole head of garlic in less than a minute.  Source:  The Gardening Cook

Cut icecream with a knifeCut ice cream with a knife for faster serving at parties.  Source: Food Blogs.   

How to grate soft cheeseNo more sticky cheese graters from trying to grate soft cheese. Use an oil spray.  Source The Gardening Cook.

Turtle wax for bathroom cleanerCar Wax as Sink Polish – Polish faucets, sinks, tile, even shower doors with Turtle Wax, which leaves behind a protective barrier against water and soap buildup, so your hard-earned sparkle will last past the next tooth-brushing.  Source Real Simple

No more banging in the dryerNo more banging in the dryer. Add a mesh pocket to your dryer door to dry those tennis shoes.  Source:  The Gardening Cook.

Holes in your rubbish bin for easy cleaning.Washing your outdoor trash can should be a breeze if you first drill several 1/2-inch holes in the bottom. The drainage holes will allow you to hose down the insides of the barrel without having to dump out the dirty water; this will also prevent rainwater from collecting.  Source Martha Stewart

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