Cooking Tips from my Readers

Reader Tested Cooking  and Household Tips

I recently asked my readers on my Facebook Gardening Cook page to give me some frugal cooking tips.  These are some of the ideas they came up with!

My collection of reader tested frugal cooking tips

Image adapted from a public domain photo on MorgueFile

This page is a work in progress.  I’ll be adding to it as ideas appeal to me.

Kim says: “While shopping almost anywhere, the lower priced items are on the bottom shelf. And compare and buy the store brand. Sometimes it’s a better deal and you save money.”

Denise Says:  “Never over cook your pasta again!! Rapidly boil your water, add a little evoo. Turn off heat, add pasta stir every five minutes for twenty minutes. Perfect every time. Promise.”

perfectly cooked pastaBrenda Says:  “I get my meat and produce at Kroger and cleaning and personal items at Walmart ! And whatever else is cheaper too. And I use coupons also!”

Peggy Says:  “Stay with your shopping list. Look for your nearest salvage store. Great deals there!”

Beverly Says:  “Use Microfiber cloths. There is no need for all kinds of expensive cleaners!”

Don Says:  “I always check the clearance shelves at the grocery store. Most items are at least 50% off.”

shop the clearance aisleNicole Says:  “I love to use my steam mop. I know it is expensive at first, but in the long run it saves money by only buying distilled water and not all the chemical products. Plus, I do not to replace mop heads because I can wash the pads. In the long run, I save money and I deal with less chemicals.”

Linda says:  “Never, Never Go to the store hungry. If you do, you will always buy something you don’t need.”

Don't shop when hungry.  You will overspend!Pam Says:  “Clean with vinegar.”  (how right she is!  Vinegar is a great all purpose cleaner.  You can even use it as a weed killer!)

Jess says:  “Use a fork to make peanut butter cookies.”  Just dip it in water and criss cross the top of the dough for the look of store bought cookies.

Brenda says:  “All these different cleaning products and gadgets ! Good grief ! How did I ever survive back in 1972 when I got married ?! All I clean with now is comet , Pinesol and bleach ! And furniture polish. I Even have a steam mop. Don’t like it ! I still mop the old fashioned way with blue Pinesol !”

Note:  Photos in this post are public domain photos from MorgueFile.

Do you have some frugal cooking and household tips?  Please leave your comments below.

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  2 comments for “Cooking Tips from my Readers

  1. Nancy Alleshouse
    07/24/2013 at 7:29 pm

    I pop the top off my shower automatic cleaner and refill it with 2 tablespoons Dawn, 1/3 bottle of distilled white vinager, 1/3 bottle of bleach, the rest fill with water. Does a better job of cleaning and keeping mold from growing than the store bought.

    • admin
      08/01/2013 at 6:41 pm

      Great tip Nancy. Thanks for sharing it! Carol

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