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Holiday Kitchen Gift Guide – 9 Super Kitchen Gift Ideas

Kitchen Gift Guide.

Anyone who cooks normally also loves kitchen products and food gadgets, so I have created a Gardening Cook 2014 Kitchen Gift Guide.  If you are looking for something special to treat someone that you love who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, this gift guide should give you lots of inspiration.  This year, I have included many of my personal kitchen favorites in my kitchen gift guide.  I feel that no kitchen is really complete without at least a few of these items.

Everything in this kitchen gift guide, with the exception of the IPad holder and the prep pad (both of which are on my Christmas wish list this year!) is something I have used and loved over the years. I recommend them all highly.

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2014 Kitchen gift gude favorite - a Kitchen aid mixerThe kitchen aid mixer was my gift to myself last Christmas.  I had wanted one for years but worried about taking up the counter space in my new kitchen.  I bit the bullet and just decided that something else could go.  Best decision ever. Now when I want to bake, it is right there, ready to use.  I just love it!

Oxo Soft works ContainersI have used a variety of food storage containers over the years, but none of them please me like these streamlined Oxo Soft Works Containers.  I love their sleek design and the big push button top lies flat when closed, is a cinch to open even with dirty hands and keeps food very, very fresh.

Kitchen Gift Guide - Cutco Knife SetI spent a fortune for years replacing kitchen knives that would invariably go dull.  This ended when my daughter spent a summer selling Cutco cutlery.  I purchased the full set of knives, just like this in a butcher block and have never regretted spending the money.  They are sharp when you get them, stay sharp for a LONG time and have a guarantee that they will sharpen them for you, for just the postage cost.  It has been 6 years and my knives are still sharp and they have never been sharpened.  Every knife you could use is included in the set, including a full set of steak knives.

Le creuset cookware.Like many other items in my kitchen, the set of Le Creuset cookware comes from watching my mother use them over the years. The cast iron cookware is covered with a long lasting enamel finish that resists chipping or cracking. It cooks food beautifully, is easy to wash and looks great.

These four items are my top picks.  If you want to really please a cook, anyone of these are perfect. Are they expensive?  Yes, you bet.  Are they worth it?  Every single penny!

But if your budget won’t manage one of these special items, how about some of these fun ideas that are perfect for any person who loves to cook and entertain.

Orange chef Prep PadThis Orange Chef Prep pad is a smart food scale that gives real-time nutritional insight into your food through a customized Balance goal and beautiful visualizations of calories, carbs, protein, and more.  Perfect choice for the diet conscious cook.

Belkin Kitchen Cabinet MountSo many cooks, today, have left cook books behind and use computer generated recipe finding. This Belkin Kitchen Fridge Mount will hold an IPad by attaching the mount easily to a fridge, cabinets or even a wall. The inner magnetic strips attach to the magnet on the IPad and holds it securely and safely.

Creative Co-op Ceramic Measurin cupsMy daughter gave me a set of ceramic measuring cups last year and they are my favorite tool.  I take a deep breath every time I use them, because they are breakable, but I love the colors and they make me think of her every time I bake.   This pretty set is from Creative Co-op.

Peas in a pod salt and pepper shakersThis fun set of “peas in a pod” salt and pepper shakers is another sweet gift from my daughter Jess.  We call ourselves 2 peas in a pod and both love to chow down on fresh peas straight from the garden so the gift has special meaning to us as well as being as cute as can be.

Wild hibiscus flowers in syrupIf your favorite cook likes to drink champagne, then these Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup are a perfect Hostess gift. Just place a whole Hibiscus Flower in the bottom of a Champagne flute, pour in a bit of the Crimson Syrup in on top and then fill up with Champagne! The spectacular, crown shaped flower sits in the bottom of the flute with all the bubbles streaming off and opening up the flower. The Champagne graduates from crimson at the bottom to light pink at the top.  It makes the champagne taste great and look so festive.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year? 

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