DIY Halloween Owl Cookie Treats

These adorable owl cookie treats would be the perfect thing to send to your child’s Thanksgiving or Halloween party. They are fun to do and the kids will love them!

Halloween Owl Cookie Treats

Halloween is such a fun time of the year.  Making decorative cookies is a favorite of mine. (Check out these spooky Halloween pumpkin cookies for another great treat.)

Hoot Hoot:  Do It Yourself Owl Cookie Treats.

To make these cute owl cookie treats, you will need the following supplies:


The first step is to cut the top off each peanut butter cup and cut the marshmallow in half, so the back is sticky.

getting started(If you have lots of PB cups, you can make long wings.  If not, cut each short piece in half so they will have short wings.  See photo for both designs.)

Add some frosting to the graham cracker for the eyes and owl body.

owl cookie in progressPosition the sticky side of the marshmallow down on the graham cracker and push it down a little.  Add the biggest part of the peanut butter cup for the owl body. Place a small dab of chocolate frosting near each shoulder and attach the wings.

almost finished on owl cookieNow you are ready to decorate the face.  Place a small amount of vanilla frosting on each marshmallow and add either an M & M or a chocolate chip to the center.  Spread a tiny bit of frosting on the back of a piece of candy corn and add it between the eyes for the nose.  The following photo shows both designs as well as both wing types.

Owl cookie treatThat is all there is to it.  Enjoy!

Owl Cookie Treats

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