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Halloween Cross-Stitch patterns – Crafting Spooky Embroidery Designs

These Halloween cross-stitch patterns are a great way for those who love to embroider to celebrate the holidays with their craft.

Halloween will soon be here and that means it’s time for decorating for the holiday. One of the most creative was to decorate is by making a cross stich design. 

If this is something you enjoy doing, stitch one up an embroidery design today!

Keep reading for some inspiration for your project.

Halloween cross stitch patterns with leaves and yarn

Difference between cross-stitch and embroidery

Some people use the two terms to indicate a similar technique, that of stitching a pattern on a blank fabric background. In actual fact, there is a difference between the two.Skull embroider with flowers

Embroidery is the art of decorating plain fabric by using a needle to make use of thread or yarn. You can also use other materials such as pearls, beads and sequins in an embroidery project.

Embroidery stitches can also vary in length in one project instead of being all the same size.

Cross-stitch is a type of hand embroidery that uses specific X shaped stitches to form them into a picture. The threads are stitched on even weave fabric and usually end up being of uniform size and appearance.

Some sewers think that cross-stitch is less fluid and more boxy than normal embroidery. Cross-stitch is often used to embroider words.

In counted cross-stitch, the embroiderer counts stitches outward from the center of the fabric to make sure they get a final even look to the design.  

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links below are affiliate links. I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase through one of those links.

Do you need a hoop to do Halloween cross-stitch patterns?

Some cross-stitch patterns are done on an embroidery hoop or frame to keep the background fabric taut to ensure the even nature of the stitches.

Hoops are essential in normal embroidery projects to tighten the fabric as you stitch, but you can cross-stitch without using one if you find them cumbersome or prefer to work without one.

Embroidery hoop with Halloween cross-stitch patterns.

Cross-stitch kits come with all the embroidery yarn, background fabric, a pattern and directions. This can help even a beginning crafter to create their own work of art.

Halloween cross-stitch kits can be quite simple with just a few colors of yarn used, like the pumpkin design below, to those which use dozens of yarns with subtle differences for the more advanced embroiderer.Pumpkin embroidery kit.

This makes the craft ideal for sewers of all skills and ages.

Is embroidery your thing? Check out this list of Halloween cross-stitch patterns. From the headless horseman, to Frankenstein and the wicked witch, there is one for all tastes. ☠🎃🧛‍♀️ Share on X

How to display cross-stitch patterns.

Often, finished cross-stitch patterns are framed and hung on the wall. They can be used in other ways, too.

If you like the design, there is no need to purchase special fabric to stitch the pattern on. Just grab some of your favorite jeans or a T shirt and sew away on some patches, or directly on the material! Halloween cross-stitch patterns - Embroidered patches for jeans.

I have also seen patterns backed with fabric and used as table runners, as dowel wall hangings and other ideas. Mug cozies, banners, tissue box covers and more can be accomplished with cross-stitch.

I used to do cross-stitch all the time.  Alas, my eyes no longer allow this pleasure, but I still enjoy looking to see what patterns are available.

This is particularly true during the holidays. It’s amazing what pattern makers can come up with as patterns for those interested in cross-stitch to enjoy.

Halloween cross-stitch patterns

For a holiday like Halloween, there is an endless variety in subject matter to suit all tastes.

Making an embroidery project with text reading "Halloween cross-stitch patterns."

Whip up Some Halloween Decor with one of these Cross Stitch patterns.

These patterns range from lightly seasonal to downright scary.  Some of the ideas are designs only and others are complete kits.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links below are affiliate links. I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase through one of those links.

Pin these Halloween cross-stitch patterns for later

Would you like a reminder of these spooky cross-stitch and embroidery patterns? Just pin this image to one of your Halloween boards on Pinterest so that you can easily find it later.Halloween cross-stitch patterns - Headless horseman cross-stiitch

Are you fond of cross-stitching and needlework?  Will you eyes still allow you the pleasure of this craft?

Admin note: This post first appeared on the blog in September of 2013. I have updated the post to add some new kits, new photos, and more information about embroidery.

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Tuesday 20th of October 2015

I hope they help you as much as they have me..............hate to think you can't stitch anymore


Monday 19th of October 2015

I have had a macular hole closed in one eye and cataracts removed from both eyes and I highly recommend them. I saw that they have them at Walmart on line so if they don't have them at your store just order them and they will ship them there for free. Good luck


Monday 19th of October 2015

Thanks Eillene for the suggestion!


Monday 19th of October 2015

I love to cross stitch too and need glasses for reading and stitching When I stitch on 18 to the inch I had been using a pair of 5X clip on's over my regular reading glasses and that worked pretty good except I had to hold it quite close to my face and my neck and shoulders would get very sore. . I saw some advertised on the television called Big Vision and then found them at KMart on sale and decided to try them.............they are wonderful and I don't have to hold the stitching up close............I can hold it down in my lap and it works just fine. I guess you can find them at Walmart also and they are well worth the price. My only complaint is the ear part breaks easily so you need to be careful putting them on and taking them off.


Monday 19th of October 2015

Hi Eillene. I will have to check them out. We don't have a K mart here but do have Walmart and Target.


Friday 18th of October 2013

Just writing to thank you for posting my "Frankenstein Cross Stitch Pattern" on your site (which I love.) I so appreciate the exposure. Feel free to use any of my patterns!



Friday 18th of October 2013

Hi Marlene. Glad to promote you. I wish my eyes were still able to do cross stitch!


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