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Grow Cucumbers up instead of along the ground

One way to overcome this space problem for growing cucumbers is to use trellises or other climbing structures to give your cucumber supports.

This allows the cucumbers to grow up instead of letting them crawl along on the ground and using up precious garden space. 

Anyone who has grown cucumbers knows that they take up a LOT of room in the vegetable garden

Since cucumbers are a vining plant, they will attach themselves to any support that you provide. This keeps the cucumbers free of soil born diseases and makes them easy to harvest.

Cucumber supports: For an easy harvest, grow your cucumbers up instead of out!

Give your cucumber supports

An added benefit of giving cucumbers supports is that they will be easier to harvest, less prone to diseases and the fruit will be cleaner.

I admit I am not the handiest person with a hammer and bolts, so I just used some old wire fence posts and jute to tie up my Cucumber trellis in a square shape.

It is not beautiful but it does the trick nicely.

Cucumber trellisThe vines are grabbing both the jute and the fence posts and growing up them. It makes it so much easier to see where the cucumbers are and keeps it all contained very nicely.

jute tied to fence postsI just wrapped jute three times around the posts at foot intervals along the side and kept walking around them until it was wrapped like a cage. 

cucumbers growing upThe cucumbers love it. They are already growing up to the top of it.

The Gardening Cook on Facebook has some creative people who contribute to the page.

This cucumber trellis was built by fan Allison Norman’s husband.  Want to share your husband with me for a weekend Allison?

a frame trellis

Another of my Facebook fans – Debbie Smith Runnels suggested this option for a trellis: “I had some cut off limbs from my confederate roses, which I cut every year when finished blooming.

I tied them like a tepee and ran my cumber vines up them and it works wonderfully, and it was really cheap too!”

Variety of Cucumber Supports.

A garden obelisk is a great idea for giving cucumbers something to climb on. Making one is easy and they are both decorative and functional.

If you want a professional looking cucumber trellis, this A frame model might suit you.

A frame Cucumber trellisTo build this trellis you will need:

  • An electric drill *
  • 4 -4-foot tall pieces of wood
  • 2 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ carriage bolts *
  • 2 1/4″ wing nuts *
  • 4 -2-foot wooden stakes
  • Twine
  • Wire cutters
  • 4-foot wide, 8-foot long piece of welded wire mesh or chicken wire
  • 1/2″ staples *
  • Staple gun *

* items marked this way are optional but handy.

For step by step directions on how to build the A Frame cucumber Trellis, please visit Apartment Therapy.

Crib cot frame makes a great vegetable trellisHere is another great idea.  This old crib cot frame makes a wonderful A frame trellis that just about anything will grow up!  Idea shared from Grow Veg on Facebook.

cucumber trellis from gardenerssupply.comThis cucumber trellis idea from Gardener’s Supply shows how to plant under it for vegetables that like shade, such as lettuces. Great idea!

Looking for a way to give your cucumber plant support? Try these products on Amazon.

Do you have a problem with your cucumbers turning yellow? Find out the reason for yellow cucumbers in this post.

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