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Recycle Grill Racks as Bulb protectors

Squirrels and chipmunks love tender bulbs.  Given half a chance they will dig them up for a tasty meal right after they have been planted. You can deter them by tossing an old grill rack that you have salvaged on top of the area where the bulbs have been planted. These DIY bulb protectors do a great job of keeping the critters away from your precious plantings.Grill racks make great bulb protectors. Keep the squirrel away.

Grill racks make great bulb protectors. 

Leave the grill in place for a month or so until the soil settles down and the bulbs have a chance to take root in the soil. This will make them harder to get to and less attractive.

After a month or so, remove the rack and store for another bulb planting.

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sharon m

Thursday 15th of August 2013

if you have dogs that like to dig out from under the fence or just dig holes, fill the hole almost full, place the rack down and sometimes i put bricks or rocks depending where it is, and cover with soil, this will keep the dogs.from digging deeper holes and possibly eventually stop digging. i have had to do one whole fence line with grating buried before they stopped digging. ughhh


Thursday 15th of August 2013

My dogs are diggers for sure. Will keep this in mind for the next hole!