Green Beans Yellow Beans – Lots and Lots of Beans

I’m getting lots of string beans from my garden right now.  I’ve also discovered why yellow beans are more expensive than the green beans.   Green bean plants are bigger and much more prolific!

green beans

Green Beans Galore!

I planted my yellow beans in mid June and my green ones in late August.  The green bean plants are about 8 inches taller with many more beans and much larger ones.

This photos shows the beans I got yesterday and today.  See how few yellow beans there are in the bunch?

They will be cooked together and both are much tastier than the ones I used to buy at the grocery store.  But next year, I will have to plant more yellow bean seeds and do more succession planting of them if I want to get them all summer long!

I also have some heirloom pole beans that are growing from seeds which came from my great grandmother’s garden in the late 1800s and have been passed down from generation to generation.  No beans yet.  I planted them a bit later, but so looking forward to them.  They need support to grow, so I made a DIY green bean tepee.

Pole beans love to climb. This bean teepee is perfect for them.

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