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Gloriosa Lily – A real Show Stopper

Lilies are very much the stars when it comes to growing perennials. The come back year after year to give a delightful splash of color. This gloriosa lily is also called Fire Lily. It is a vining plant that has amazing, flame-colored blooms. Perfect for growing in a pot or in the garden – just make sure to give it something to climb on! (Gloriosa rothschildiana)

Gloriosa Lily

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Best of all, it attracts butterflies and is deer resistant!

Amaze your neighborhood with a Gloriosa Lily.

How to care for a this amazing Lily:

  • It grows 60 – 72″ tall
  • Space it so that you have one bulb every foot.
  • The lily blooms in mid to late summer.
  • Hardy in zones 3-10
  • Loves full sun

Likes moist tending to wet soil that drains well.This is one of the most amazing lily varieties that I have seen in a long time!

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