Garden Peas – My Favorite Fall Treat

For me, vegetable gardening means growing lots of peas. Anyone who knows me well, is aware that my all time favorite treat as a snack is fresh garden peas straight from the vines.  My birthday is late in April, and each year, here in North Carolina, just about the time of my birthday, I start going to the Farmer’s market each week.  That is because that is when the fresh peas become available.

Sugar snap pea vines

For me, Garden Peas are Sweet Enough to Eat Like Candy.

They never make it to my dinner table.  My daughter and I scoop up a bowl of them, shell them and eat them while we watch TV. Everyone around us thinks we are nuts, but we treat them almost like candy!

garden peas

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Early this spring, I planted peas, but I didn’t get them in the ground early enough. Fresh garden peas love cool weather and will stop flowering (which is what makes the pods) if planted when it is too warm.  I got a few bowls of them, and they were tasty, but it just wasn’t enough.

When I returned from my trip to Maine in August, the first thing I did in my garden was to plant lots and lots of peas for the fall.  I have three sections of double rows out there, each with its own trellis.

The temperatures have dropped this week.  We are getting night time temps close to the 40s.  The peas are just thriving.  I just went out to check on them.

They are bursting with pods.  It will be another week or so before they fill out but I am going to be in for a treat.  And shhhhhhh….don’t tell my daughter.  She is in the UK anyway right now, but she might fly home if she knows what I have in store for next week.

Here are some photos of the vines:
garden peas

Wire pea trellises give my peas the support they need while growing.
garden peas

Update on my garden peas:  November 2012. 

I am such a dunce at times.  We enjoyed these peas right into November but I kept thinking “these are the hardest peas to shell that I have ever had.”  They were sweet and I persevered, but it finally hit me that I had planted sugar snap peas and not garden peas.  I swear that I feel like an old lady at times!

Next year, I will check the packet of pea seeds much more carefully!

Do you cook your garden peas, or eat them, raw like I do?  Please leave your preferences in the comment section below.

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    Good post! Green Peas have lots of health benefits.

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