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The Garden Charmers Share their Favorite Facebook Pages

Facebook has so many great pages devoted to gardening, but the way the site now shows the content of pages, it is sometimes hard for them to get seen on news feeds. The Garden Charmers Favorite Facebook pages

Facebook is one of the most popular of the social media channels. I thought it would be fun for the Garden Charmers (a GREAT Facebook page) to each share their own favorite Gardening page on Facebook.

When I asked the members of the group to submit their favorite pages, they came up with a great range of pages that deal with a wide variety of gardening topics. 

Some of the pages have general gardening info.  Some deal mainly with DIY garden projects, some with veggie gardening and some with quite specialized topics. 

There is something for everyone in this list. These are the websites of the ladies who submitted their favorites:

And here is the round up of their favorite Facebook pages.  Be sure to visit and like the pages (if you do like them).  It would be nice to get some extra love for both the Garden Charmer’s pages and their favorites as well.    Hopefully, these pages will get the views that they deserve on Facebook, and not have to worry about being hidden by the powers that be over there.

Our first favorite comes from Amy at A Healthy Life for Me.  Amy says that Tilly’s Nest is her favorite page on Facebook.  She loves the page because she says that Melissa is one of her  favorite gardening inspirations because of her positive attitude and becasue she is diverse in her content.  She includes everything from gardening, backyard chickens, beekeeping to some pretty adorable crafts.

Tillie's Nest on Facebook.Number 2 in our list of Favorite Facebook pages comes from Tanya At  Lovely Greens.  Tanya is very fond of a page called Ballanelson Nurseries

Tanya says she likes this page because she loves all their photos of Toby the dog modelling various plants and gardening items.  How cute is that?

Ballenelson Nurseries on FacebookJacki from Drought Smart Plants has a fondness for succulents.  It is no surprise that one of her favorite Facebook pages is Fickle Prickles, a page that posts about succulents and cacti.

Fickle Prickles on Facebook.Next in our line up comes a favorite from Melissa at Empress of Dirt.  Melissa likes the page  Featherfields – the Bird and Garden Store.  Melissa says that the owners of the page consistently post endearing and engaging clips from the web, focusing on backyard birding, gardening, and ecology. 

If you love birds, be sure to give this page some Facebook love.

Featherfields on Facebook.My friend Judy from Magic Touch and Her Gardens loves all sorts of bugs and critters. It is no surprise to see that one of her favorite pages is My Small Garden Paradise

Judy says the owner of the page has  taken a little garden and transformed it into a Small Paradise for birds and butterflies.

My Small Garden Paradise on FacebookBarb from Our Fairfield Home and Garden has a great eye for detail.  Her own photos show this clearly and are an inspiration to all of us in the group.  Barb says one of her favorite pages is Two Women and a Hoe.  (I also have this at the top of my favorites too!)

Barb is inspired by their inspirational pictures and quotes, and says they are wonderful for gardeners and non-gardeners alike. Two Women and a Hoe on Facebook.Stephanie from Garden Therapy loves the Facebook page West Coast Seeds.  Stephanie says love thems because they share the most detailed and relevant information on growing vegetables on the west coast.

The page is full of tips and timely reminders of when and how to grow veggies. She said that just a few days ago she was drooling over their heirloom carrots and reading about how to grow them, now she can’t wait to start sowing!

I agree with  you Stephanie. I can’t wait to get digging too!

West Coast Seeds on FacebookMy friend Lynne from Sensible Gardening and Living has a great love of Day lilies.  I’m not at all surprised by her favorite Facebook page.

It is called Daylilies of the Valley.  And Lynne freely admits she loves it because of her own passion for day lilies.

Daylilies of the Valley on Facebook.And finally, it is time for my own personal favorite.  I’ve noticed on my Gardening Cook Facebook page that there is another page that consistently shares my content to her page.

And not only that, she shares many other Facebook gardening pages as well.  So it stands to reason that I want to return the Facebook love to Garden Gossip

Thanks for being such a supporter of all Facebook gardening pages!

Garden Gossip on FacebookAnd now it is your turn.  Be sure to visit these pages and like the ones you are fond of.  Just click on the images or the links above to go to the pages. 

acebook is so good at hiding our content now (so that we will pay for promotion – grrrrr), so be sure to also comment on and share some of their photos too. That is the best way to make sure that this great content shows up on your own feed so that you can enjoy the pages all the time!

Oh, and while you are Facebook cruising, be sure to visit my page, The Gardening Cook, if you have not already done so.  We just reached 51,000 fans this weekend!

The Gardening Cook on Facebook.

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Dew Smith

Friday 28th of June 2019

Thanks for sharing! I will recommend going through all these facebook garden charmers pages once. You will surely find something new and interesting.

Nancy Humphreys

Monday 17th of March 2014

I am so honored to be included on this list. It came as a huge surprise and I must thank you, Judy, for your kind recommendation. I have followed you for so long that it makes me feel like I have been discovered by a celebrity! Thanks you again from the bottom of my heart. I also look forward to checking out some of these other pages. Sincerely, Nancy Humphreys@ My Small Garden Paradise


Monday 17th of March 2014

Hi Nancy, it is my pleasure. Judy spoke very highly of your page and it's lovely. I hope my post drives a lot of new traffic to you. Carol

Daylilies of the Valley

Sunday 16th of March 2014

I am honored to be included in your favs! Thanks so much. Karen


Sunday 16th of March 2014

It is our pleasure. Your page is fabulous! Carol


Sunday 16th of March 2014

My pleasure Amy. Have fun looking at the great pages. Carol


Sunday 16th of March 2014

Thanks for including me in this roundup Carol. I am excited to check out the other pages. Amy

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