How to Save Money on Holiday Gift Wrapping

Frugal Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas.

Holiday Gift Wrapping Does not Mean that you must spend a lot of money on Christmas supplies. There are loads of ways that you can save money. Some take a bit of time and others just take thinking outside the box.

10 Neat ways to save money on holiday gift wrapping - holiday gift wrapping

1. Buy on Clearance.  If you are not a crafty type person who can make your own paper and bows, then buying on clearance is the way to go.  This takes some planning ahead or some luck in finding great sales.  Buying after Christmas is the best way to save.  Just store to next year and you are good to go.  I’ve bought Christmas wrapping paper up to 75% off after Christmas.

Buy Gift wrap and tags after Christmas to save2. Use Sheet music.  Smaller packages can be neatly wrapped with public domain sheet music images.  They make the perfect wrapping paper for a gift given to a music lover too! Add a musical charm or old piece of jewelry to the package and a home made gift tag and you will have a lovely look for very little money.  Country Living Shows how pretty the finished product can be.

Sheet music wrap from countryliving.com3. Make your own Floral Bow.  If you purchase wire wrapped ribbon after Christmas, you can make gorgeous Floral bows that look just fabulous on any large present. The best thing about them is that wire wrapped ribbon can be used from year to year.  Just stuff them into a box and then fluff up the next year.  I have some that are 20 years old!  See how to make a floral bow.

Floral bows are easy to make and can be used from year to year to save money on holiday gift wrapping4. DIY Gift Tags.  Save old Christmas cards from year to year and cut out pieces of them to make gift tags for next year.  The card below could be cut into several tags.  Make your own gift tags with old Christmas cards5. Use plain wrapping paperPlain brown wrapping paper is much cheaper than normal gift wrap.  Buy a roll of it but then dress it up with anything you can think of.  Nice tags that you make from old Christmas cards, trinkets, pieces of old jewelry, even greenery from your garden can dress up plain paper.  This idea from Creating Really Awesome Free things shows just how creative plain brown paper can be!

Plain brown paper all dressed up from creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com6.  Make use of old Christmas fabric.  If you sew, save your scraps of old Christmas fabric and cut it into strips to use as ribbons.  You can also buy fabric squares fairly inexpensively, or use left over fabric and make really cute looking gift tags.  Just cut them into festive shapes and glue to plain paper.  Punch a hold and add some ribbon or use a fold over tag, like these.  Source:  Pinterest.

Christmas fabric gift tags.7. Use Cut Outs.  This idea from Martha Stewart uses plain brown paper with a cut out surprise. The extra color underneath could be made from inexpensive craft paper. Just cut out the half of the Christmas tree and fold it for a creative and super inexpensive way to decorate a package in style.  Bells, or Santa hats are other easy to cut shapes that would work well.

Use cut outs to decorate a package inexpensively from marthastewart.com8. Musical Gift Tags. This idea also uses sheet music as a base.  Cut out festive shapes from sheet music and paste it onto a slightly larger plain colored cut out of the same shape.  Great way to make really festive looking gift tags at very little money.DIY musical gift tags

9. Comic Strips.  A great source of free wrapping paper is the comic strips of your local newspaper.  These are especially fun to do if your child has a favorite comic strip.  Just wrap the present in the paper and tie with some colorful yarn at very little cost.  Image source:

Comic stips make great gift wrapping paper10. Road maps.  Road maps are normally quite colorful and make wonderful wrapping paper for someone who loves to travel.  The only problem might be getting them to open them instead of looking at all the interesting locations.

Road maps make great wrapping paper.What have you done to save money on your holiday gift wrapping?  Please leave your comments below.


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