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Gardening Tips from my readers

I recently asked my readers on my Facebook Gardening Cook page to give me some frugal gardening tips and they did not disappoint.

These clever ladies and gents shared tips that help with getting plants for free to using old newspapers for mulch and so many more ideas.

If you would like your frugal gardening tips idea considered for this page, please leave it in the comments section below.  I will be adding more frugal gardening tips to this page if your ideas appeal to me.

Keep reading to learn how my readers try to save money on gardening.

Lady kneeling with garden tools and plants.

Here are some of my Reader Tested Frugal Gardening Tips

Sylvia Dowdy Martel says:  “I use a lot of onions in my cooking.  A while back I saw where you could cut an onion in half and place it in a room to prevent viruses, so I did this, and forgot about it, of course it dried up, but to my surprise it also sprouted another onion from it.

I started to throw in garbage but instead I put in in one of my pots, I now have a big beautiful onion from it. 

So now I cut the bottom root end (about a good inch with the skin on ) off all onions I use, and let them dry and sprout and then place them in potting soil to grow another.

Soon I need to buy onions as I will be using the ones I have sprouted and grown again. But I can grow them again and again, this will really help on my food cost and hope it will you too.”

regrowing onions

Lucy Says: “this year I got free plants, tossed out some veggies that were going bad, on the garden, with seeds in still.. the plants are up.. now just have to see what happens, if they produce !!”

Oyster shells as mulchBrian says:  “Oyster shells make great mulch. I put them in the garden by the bushel.

They cost me nothing the seafood places don’t want them and they stink so they are happy I took them”

Annie Rose says: “Instead of buying expensive landscape fabric I use old newspapers. Tear them up, soak them in water and place around the base of plants and rest of flower beds before adding your mulch.

Never weed all season and the mulch is bio degradable!”Duct tape on a potLiffin says:  “… my favorite large clay pot suffered from freeze / thaw and I used some duck tape to give it a little longer life… One more season on my patio!”

Jillian says: “I went to till the garden under but checked first for strays. I transplanted 30 surprise tomato plants, some chamomile, chives, and violets. Free for me.”

Donna says:  “I use layers of wet newspaper for weed barrier it works great! Encourages the worms to work the ground too.”  (Great tip Donna!  I do that too.)

Mary had a similar idea:  “I Mulch with newspaper and top with leaves; saves on water and weeding. Plus it decomposes before next year adding nutrition to the soil.”

Randi says: “I buy a large plant and split it into many smaller ones. “  Great idea Randi.  You can also take cuttings of many plants to get plants for free!

Yvonne says: “I have a problem with tomato plant leaf curling on hot summer days. I’ve found that more watering and protection from hot sun with lightweight tarps helps.”

Debbie says:  “I use my rain barrel to water my plants….saves on water and it’s free a gift from Mother nature.”

Thanks for all of these tips.  If you have any, please add them to the comment section below and I’ll add them to the article and mention you.

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