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Food Art Photos – Interesting Food Carving Gallery and Info

Carving of vegetables and fruits into sculptures has been practiced for many years. Some think it even dates back to early Chinese dynasties. These food art photos show just how delicate the pieces can be.

Food art is the process in which beautiful models such as animals, Birds, Statues, Faces and other themes, are created using food. The food is either arranged or carved into the desired shapes, and then displayed as an art form.

The art of carving food is fast growing in United Kingdom and other countries, as well. It also appears to be spreading to other countries, including the Unites States.

Food art and Food Carving

All sorts of fruit and vegetables can be used for the practice of food art, even something like a simple banana can be used for sculpting!

Inspiring Food Carving Creations

Food carving (and food art in general) is very popular in Asian countries. The artists in Eastern countries believe that the purpose of fruit and vegetable carving is to make food more attractive, more appetizing, and easier to eat.

Often homemakers welcome their guests with fruit carefully peeled, seeded, and then cut into bite-size slices depending on the type. Vegetables are often delicately carved, cooked, and then arranged attractively to decorate the dish of which they are a part.

Needless to say, guests would be very pleased to be honored with such a gracious welcome.

All types of fruits and vegetables are used for food art, but some of the most commonly used are melons such as watermelons and cantaloupes.

Pumpkins are also another favorite. Halloween is a time when all sorts of examples of food art are being shared, especially on social media sites such as Facebook.

Food Art Photos

The images below are some of my favorite food art photos. I would love to be this creative!

I am especially fond of this Native American figure with the headdress. To me, Ray Villafane is a master of the art of food carving. 

I love the way the skin of the pumpkin on the top left has been left for some extra color. Source: Ray Villafane

Pumpkin carved into a Native American chief with a headdress

In this carving what appears to be some sort of pumpkin or gourd has been carved into a large seashell. What an amazing centerpiece!

The piece is then used to hold a seafood dish and placed on banana leaves.  How impressive!  Source Susi Carvings 

vegetable carving of a seashell filled with food

Another Villafane creation, this time only the front of a round pumpkin is carved into a perplexed looking, but very human face. Pieces of branches are used to great affect to mimic arms.

food art pumpkin

This elaborate melon carving of a peacock has incredible detail which makes it look almost like feathers! Source Susi Carvings.

Melon carved into a peacock

This piece of watermelon is delicately carved into an upright basket vase.  The piece is completed with very detailed fruit flowers to fill the openings.  Source:  Pinterest (via Buzzfeed)

Watermelon basket vase

The actual carving of this piece is debatable, since many believe the structure to be photo-shopped.

However, the image of this owl was very prevalent on Social media a few years ago, sparking the interest in vegetable carving as an art form. Source:  Imgur

food art carving of an owlThe final image in the food art gallery is a carving from a melon into a beautifully detailed bird atop a carving of flowers. Source: Flickr

bird carved from a watermelon

Do you consider food carving a form of art? Or do you think food should just be eaten and not used in other ways? I would love to hear your comments below.

Admin note: This post first appeared on the blog in January of 2013. I have updated the post to add larger photos, more information about the carvings and a video for you to enjoy.

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