Flower Nails – Decorative and Pretty Accents for your Hands

A few times in my life, I’ve found myself spending lots of times on taking care of my hands. Those times are sort of fleeting though.  I spend so much time digging in the dirt in my garden that nice nails are just something to dream about, not have.  For that reason, these pretty Flower nails inspire me.  They combine a wish for pretty hands and a love of gardening into one!

flower nails ideas

Today’s beauty tip for gardeners – Flower Nails

Do you spend much time on your nails?  Please leave your comments below.

flowered nails

Elaborate design with raised flowers and rhinestones.  Wedding Idea.  Source: Beauty.net


This design uses only one fancy nail and french tips on the others.  Source Nail Art


This idea appeals to me.  Only the tips have the flowers painted.  Love the color!  Source:  Nail Art


Teal with pink and red flowers.  Source:  Glimmer and Glitter


Dramatic Red design with white daisies on a few nails.  Source: Women Items.


Don’t have time to do a lot of artwork?  Just do one nail and tie in the colors on the other nails with plain polish in complimentary colors.  Image shared from : Pam’s Girly Bits

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