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Flower Gardens – Favorites from my Facebook Fans

It is that time again. Sharing from my wonderful fans of the Gardening Cook.  This time, I asked them to upload pictures of their favorite flowers from their gardens and they did not disappoint!

Favorite Flowers from my Fan's GardensFavorite Flowers of The Gardening Cook Fans

Here are some of the beauties that the fans have recently submitted.

Orange trumpeter flowers on displayJanice Powell Hill says “Love my trumperter vine flowers!”  Can’t say as I blame you Janice!

Fabulous display of Oriental LiliesFabulous display of Oriental Lilies from page fan Angie Hawk.  Thanks for sharing Angie.

A sunflower and its "guest" Page Fan Suzanne Holt shared this great photo of her sunflower, complete with its invited guest!

Bumblebees sleeping on sage flowers about 10 pmJennie Ayala shared this great photo. She says: “My bumblebees sleeping on my sage flowers, about 10pm. Love my bumbles! They are so cute!!”  Great photo, Jennie. Thanks for sharing!

Flowers shared from my fansGrab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy today’s flower eye candy.  Thanks to all of you who submitted photos.

Want to get your name and flower in print?  If you have a pretty flower from your garden that you would like showcased on The Gardening Cook on Facebook, please upload it to the page there and I’ll include my favorites in articles and mention that the photo is yours.

Here are some recent shares:

Fan FlowersFabulous photo of a Nun’s Cap orchid from Nita Nit’s Garden. What a show of blooms!

New Guinea Impatiens just after the rainAnother one from Nita Nit’s Garden – New Guinea Impatiens just after the rain.


PlumeriaMary Lockwood says:  “I’m no photographer but here’s a picture of one of my Plumerias taken yesterday.”  I disagree Mary. What a gorgeous photo!

Peace rose in the morning light.Peace rose in the morning light from the garden of Janet Fries.

ColumbineColumbine from Jennie Ayala’s garden.  Thanks for sharing Jennie. See my tips for growing columbine here.

Red Daylily.Red day lily shared by Summer Garlitch. She is delighted that it comes back year after year!

Lovely pink flower.Bente Garlitch shared this gorgeous rhododendron from her garden. Better get rid of the bug!


Geranium shared from Barb Cottis’ father’s garden.

Lady slipperLady slipper shared from Barb Cottis’ father’s garden.


Blanket flowersGaillardia,” the blanket flowers, from the sunflower family shared by Fran Weidman.

lupinesGorgeous lupines from Jennie Ayala‘s garden.  LOVE this photo Jennie!  She says “several colors.  My bumblebees change the colors every year!”


Irises and Geum, shared by Barb Maxwell.

NIta Nits orange floweAnother lovely photo of a crocosmia from Nita Nit‘s Garden.  Love the orange against the bark.

Sunflower and dark swallowtail butterflyWonderful photo of a sunflower plant and Dark Morpho Swallowtail butterfly from page fan Angie Hawk. Thanks for sharing your great photo!.

Do you have some favorite flowers, too? Why not share a photo of them in the comments below so that I can add yours too!

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