Festive Dip in a Pumpkin Shell

Use your Pumpkin shell as a Dip holder.

There is certainly no shortage of pumpkins this time of the year.   We can carve them, paint them or cook them.  How about using your pumpkin in a different way?  Scoop it out and make a dip and then serve the dip right in the pumpkin shell.

Festive Pumpkin dipJust clean out the pumpkin and make your dip.  Place it back into the pumpkin and bake in the oven for 40-60 minutes at 350º and serve. 

Don’t forget to cook the top of the pumpkin towards the end of the cooking time.  It looks cute on top and also keeps it warm as well.

Festive pumpkin dip.The filling is rich and delicious. It is made from cream cheese, canned pumpkin (can also use the filling from the pumpkin if you cook it first), taco seasoning and some peppers, mushrooms and cooked beef.

festive pumpkin dip

For something really different, try serving this soup in a knucklehead pumpkin shell. What a show-stopper!

Festive Dip in a Pumpkin Shell

Festive Dip in a Pumpkin Shell
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour



  1. In a bowl, beat the cream cheese, pumpkin puree, taco seasoning and minced garlic until smooth. Stir in the beef, peppers and mushrooms. Cover and
  2. refrigerate until serving.
  3. Clean out a pumpkin. Save the top of the cut off pumpkin. Place the dip in the cleaned pumpkin and put it into a baking
  4. dish with 1 inch of water. Lightly cover the pumpkin
  5. with aluminum foil.
  6. Place the pumpkin and baking dish
  7. in the oven and bake for about one hour or until the dip
  8. is hot and beginning to bubble around the edges.
  9. If desired, place the lid of the cut off pumpkin into the oven for the last 20 minutes just to soften it. Use it as a lid to your "dip bowl."
  10. Serve with crackers or pita chips.
  11. Yields about 3 cups.
Festive pumpkin dip


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